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This page was last updated on 22 April 2021

Information for Parents - Online Music Tuition

If your child's school is not currently allowing music tutors into the school then we will still offer an online service where possible. All the relevant information and registration process can be accessed by following this link (please be aware that a separate parental consent form will need to be completed prior to lessons starting.) The cost of online lessons are: 20 mins £12.00 and 30 mins £17.50.


Find time to make 1 minute of music - find out how!

Music Partnership North are celebrating Make Music Day on the 21st of June by inviting all schools to prepare 1 minute of music.  Open the flyer to find out how your school can and should get involved!
It's time to celebrate the music happening in your school this term and give the students a chance to share their skills. To register your school, click 1 minute of music.  Please email David.Francis@northumberland.gov.uk  for more information

Sign your school up for Music Partnership North's Big Gig, part of National Music Day!

Music Partnership North invites you to their virtual “Big Gig” as part of National Music Day 21st June 2021.  Music makers from across the nation will come together to appreciate the many benefits that music making brings to life. To take part in this FREE event please register by the 23rd April 2021 using the link in the poster.

Music Partnership North's ensembles are now online!  

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"I really helped my daughter feel less isolated.  Music is her only extra-curricular activity and these groups were wonderful for her mentally!"
"Honestly, it's the best Christmas present anybody could have given us and the children's grandparents too.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts"
These are just a few of the comments we received from parents following the autumn ensembles project Unity Through Music online concert.  With over 1700 views so far, we are delighted at how well it has been received.  Please follow the link to watch the video: Unity Through Music Online Concert
The Northumbrian Ranters – fiddle, flute, Northumbrian Pipes, cello, harp, accordion, percussion, concertina, guitar and keyboard play traditional/folk music. 7–8.30 pm 
Thursday May 13th 
Thursday May 27th 
Northumberland Youth Ensemble – suitable for strings, brass, woodwind, or percussion. 7-8:30 pm  
Wednesday 21st April 
Wednesday 12th May 
Wednesday 9th June 
Hoolies - for singers/vocalists of all ages and abilities. 6 PM 
Tuesday 18 May   
Tuesday 25 May   
Tuesday 8 June  
Bedlington Community and Youth Brass Band – Students or adults playing cornet, flugelhorn, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium, trombone, or tuba are welcome to join this group and make music together.  6 – 7.30pm 
Tuesday 20 April 
Tuesday 11 May  
Tuesday 25 May 
How the sessions work?
  • 6 rehearsals, taking place in the evening
  • 90-minute per rehearsal max 
  • Everyone in each ensemble coming together at the beginning of rehearsals
  • Breaking down into smaller groups and then coming back together in rehearsals
  • All rehearsals will be recorded and available for people to access, through a secure channel
  • All music will be sent to students in advance
  • Each session will be led by one of our tutors
What do I need to do next to be involved?
Please note students will be recorded and shown on social media so please take this into account when making your decision to be involved in the ensembles.  If you would like to discuss this in more detail, then please do get in touch with Fiona.Johnstone@northumberland.gov.uk