Music Tuition

Register your child for instrumental / vocal lessons, find out more about our online tuition, and adult education.

Coronavirus Information for Parents:

If your child goes to school in Northumberland and has instrumental/vocal lessons with us: click here to apply for online lessons. See the documents below for more information:

We have taken over the administration of music tuition within some schools. If your child attends one of the following schools, you will be able to register them here for lessons. If your school is not listed below, please contact them directly.  Click here to register your child for music lessons in school 

High schools:
  • The Duchess's
  • King Edward VI
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Berwick Academy
  • Ponteland High
  • James Calvert Spence 
Middle schools:
  • Morpeth Middle Schools
  • Dr Thomlinson
  • Hexham Middle 
  • Berwick Middle 
  • Tweedmouth Middle
Primary and First schools:
  • Abbeyfields
  • Burnside 
  • Morpeth Stobhillgate 
  • Hugh Joicey
  • Berwick Holy Trinity
  • Lowick First

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If your child is currently having instrumental/vocal lessons with us, we would appreciate it if you could complete this short questionnaire below. This will help us to improve our services and ensure that we offer the best musical opportunities.
We provide an extensive range of instrumental, vocal and whole class music tuition in schools. Please check with your child's school to see what tuition is available and the cost or call 01670 624045.

We have a wide range of instruments available for hire, at a cost of only £23 per instrument per term. Contact for enquiries. We offer free instrument hire to students who are eligible for free school meals or is a looked after child.

Many schools will offer financial assistance to students in receipt of pupil premium, which can be used towards the cost of instrumental lessons. Parents should enquire with their school about this.

A discount of £30 per term is available to students having music lessons with a Music Partnership North tutor as part of a GCSE or A-level course. (It is expected that students will have attended a minimum of 7 out of 10 lessons to qualify for the discount).

The following organisations may offer grants for instruments or tuition:

Instrumental purchase scheme:

HMRC will allow parents to purchase an instrument free of VAT if a student is having music tuition in school. Please click here for an application form and instructions on how to apply.
It's never too late to learn an instrument! If you're an adult and would like to join, please see below:

Our woodwind course will teach you the clarinet or saxophone basics. Both beginner and intermediate groups are available! Classes are held on Monday mornings at the New Life Christian Church in Morpeth. 

You will learn:
  • general musicianship
  • how to read music
  • how to play as part of an ensemble
The cost will be £120 for the course, or £130 to include hire of an instrument. (10 weeks)

To register please visit our registration page or email