Culture and Placemaking Programme

The Culture and Placemaking Programme is a programme of events, festivals and cultural activities aimed at attracting local people and visitors to Blyth.

Running from 2022 until March 2026, the Culture and Placemaking Programme will consist of an attractive events programme to engage the public, create a greater sense of community and galvanise support for cultural activity in the town, helping to pave the way for the opening of the new Culture Hub (expected in 2024).

The development of Blyth’s Culture and Placemaking Programme will be informed through the delivery of a package of Creative Pilot Projects by PlaceCreate, working collaboratively with people in and around Blyth.  

The purpose of the creative pilot projects is to engage local people and organisations in some early cultural activities to inform future cultural assets and activities in the town. 

Early pilot projects are currently underway.