Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Borderlands

These pages showcase the work of the Newbiggin Borderlands Place Programme.

Find out more about our plans for developing the town.

Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Place Plan (click link to access plan)

Our Place Plan for Newbiggin builds on our strategic objectives and priorities. It sets out our 10-year vision for the town’s future as a vibrant and inclusive place to live, learn, work, and invest in.

It has been shaped with input from the local community and partners and sets out our priorities to deliver investment and sustainable economic growth in the town. 

It lays out compelling evidence to attract future funders and investment that will bring about meaningful and sustained change. 


We will work with the community and other stakeholders in the town to capture the passion of Newbiggin residents, both young and old, for a prosperous future.  We will support the town in becoming a distinctive destination of choice to live, work and visit.

Building on the history, heritage and strong arts and cultural offer of the town, Newbiggin will develop its thriving visitor economy throughout the seasons.  We will work with housing providers to address the housing needs of the town and will seize opportunities for the town from the digital and green economy.

Building on the success of existing independent traders, Newbiggin will retain a strong and resilient high street, 
creating employment opportunities and finding innovative ways to retain a young workforce.

Strategic objectives

  • Vibrant town - Maintain and increase the number of visitors spending money throughout the year.
  • Inclusive town - Collaborate with the local community to imagine and then build a long-term future for the town.
  • Opportunity town - Understand the housing needs of the town and support housing providers and landlords to maintain and increase the number of people living in Newbiggin by the Sea.
  • Working town - Retain and increase the working age population of the town.
The Place Partnership Group has been established to oversee the development of the Borderlands Place Plan and Borderlands Town Investment Plan for Newbiggin-by-the-Sea.    

The Place Partnership Group was established in November 2021.  It is made up of representatives from key public, private and community sector organisations.

Michael Farr (Chair) - Bernicia  
Lynn Burns - Newbiggin Community Ventures 
PC Carly Gibson - Northumbria Police 
Brian Chilton - Newbiggin Heritage Partnership 
Cllr Jim Lang - Northumberland County Council 
Eddie Peat - Newbiggin Community Trust 
Cllr Liz Simpson - Northumberland County Council 
Enid Wilson - Newbiggin Traders Association 
Cllr Jill Woodman - Newbiggin Town Council
Cllr Ami Wooton - Newbiggin Town Council 
Your input to consultations so far has been invaluable. We have used your views to help inform our plans.

Newbiggin Town Investment Plan Survey (07 - 13 Feb 22)

Newbiggin BPP Consultation - Summary
Newbiggin BPP Consultation - Results Presentation