Bedlington Borderlands

This webpage is a dedicated area for showcasing the work of the Bedlington Borderlands Place Programme.

The Place Programme Board has been established to oversee the development of the Borderlands Place Plan and Borderlands Town Investment Plan for Bedlington. 

The Board was established in December 2021.  It is made up of representatives from key public, private and community sector organisations. 

Michael Black - Advance Northumberland
Bill Cosby - East Bedlington Parish Council
Dennis Fancett - SENRUG
David Fellows (Chair) - TT Electronics Bedlington (Welwyn)
Keith Grimes - East Bedlington Town Council
Adam Hogg - West Bedlington Town Council
Chris Johnson - Leading Link
Tracy Machnicki - British Volt Futuregen
Malcolm Robinson - NCC Councillor, Bedlington West
Christine Taylor - NCC Councillor, Bedlington Central
Victoria Thompson - West Bedlington Town Council
Alex Wallace - NCC Councillor, Sleekburn
Rebecca Wilczek - NCC Councillor, Bedlington East
The vision and objectives agreed by the Bedlington Borderlands Place Programme Board


Bedlington will be a vibrant, growing, connected and inclusive place to live, learn, work, and invest in.  The town’s community will have access to outstanding skills and educational opportunities and quality local jobs including the advanced manufacturing, clean energy and renewable energy industry.  

Bedlington will celebrate, innovate and invest in our key assets to deliver a new and vibrant culture and leisure offer capitalising on our community, workforce, industrial heritage, public spaces and environment. 

Strategic Objectives 

Vibrant Town - Enhance the physical environment and condition of the town centre, encouraging new uses of existing properties to attract investment, increase footfall and spend from residents and visitors.

Growing Town - Safeguard existing employment and work collaboratively to create a skilled workforce able to access learning and training opportunities and jobs in growth sectors across south east Northumberland and the North East. 

Connected Town - Embrace the benefits of the Northumberland Line and future walking and cycling infrastructure improvements so that residents and businesses can access work, shopping, leisure and culture opportunities. 

Inclusive Town - Prioritise improvements to leisure, community, culture and heritage facilities and services by working in partnership to provide residents with wider opportunities to get active, learn, participate and enjoy their local town.

Your input to consultations so far has been invaluable. We have used your views to help inform our plans.

Bedlington Town Investment Plan Survey (14 Feb - 04 Mar 22)

Bedlington BPP - Consultation overall summary 17 Mar 22