Northumberland Youth Parliament

The youth parliament is a national body that aims to improve the lives of young people and give them a voice.

Northumberland Youth Parliament aims to give young people a voice.

Run by young people, the parliament provides opportunities for today's youth to use their voice to bring about social change.

It has four members who were all elected by other young people in Northumberland. Two deputy members take office each year, joining two current members.

They are elected on their manifestos for improving Northumberland, which they represent on both a regional and national platform, working closely with the youth cabinet.
Elections are held every year, usually in December. In each election, two places for deputy members are available. In their second year, they become full members.

Young people are encouraged to look on the website, and at school, for application forms with which they can nominate themselves. They’ll also have to think about issues to include in their manifesto, based on what they feel is most important in Northumberland, followed by a time of campaigning.

On election day, students across Northumberland go to the ballot box and cast their vote. The votes are then brought together and the two candidates with the highest number are elected.

The official term begins in February, with training taking place in January. Members get the chance to attend events, such as the annual sitting (a gathering of youth parliament members from around the country) and a visit to the House of Commons, where they can sit on the prestigious green benches.

If you are interested in standing or would like more information please contact us -
For more information, contact us:
  • Telephone: 01670 536400
  • Email:
  • Post: Northumberland Youth Parliament, Northumberland Youth Service, Northumbria House, Manor Walks, Cramlington, NE23 6UR.
How old do I have to be to vote?
Young people aged 11-19 (school years 7-13) are eligible vote.

How old do I have to be to stand as a candidate?
Young people aged (school years 7-13) are eligible to stand for election, they must live, work, or attend education in Northumberland.

How long are Members of Youth Parliament elected for?
Members of the youth parliament serve a term of two years.

Where can I read about the people standing for election?
Posters with every candidate and their policies are sent to all schools to be displayed. They can also be found online on our youth parliament website as well as Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Where can I vote?
Ballot boxes are placed in participating middle, special, secondary and high schools in Northumberland. Alternative education providers also participate. If you’re not in school, please contact us to get information on how and where to vote.

How does voting work and who is elected?
Everyone eligible to vote in the youth parliament election can do so at their local polling station. Each voter has one vote and the two candidates with the most votes are elected. This voting system is known as 'first past the post'.

How many people are on the youth parliament of Northumberland?
The parliament is made up of 4 members.

How often are the elections?
Elections are held every year, to elect two new deputy members to the youth parliament.

How do people put themselves forward to run in elections?
Keep checking on our social media pages or alternatively contact us to register your interest.
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