Northumberland's Substance Misuse Service for under 18's.

Sorted is Northumberland's Substance Misuse Service for young people.

'Substances' refers to:
  • all legal and illegal drugs
  • alcohol
  • volatile substances, such as solvents and nitrous oxide
  • over the counter and prescription drugs
Sorted is made up of specialist workers and health staff. 

The service provides intervention for children and young people up to age 18 within the Northumberland area. Young people are supported to stop using substances, and to reduce the associated risks from substance misuse, both to themselves and their communities. They are also supported to achieve good physical and emotional health and wellbeing. 

Sorted can help:
  • young people
  • professionals and agencies working with young people
Please click here for further information on the help Sorted can provide.

What does SORTED offer?

Young people up to 18 years old can access the service. We offer:
  • 1-2-1 indivdual support
  • strict confidentiality, whilst adhering to safegaurding requirements
  • referral to other services, with the young person's permission. PLEASE NOTE: the young person must consent to any referral that is made.
  • support to reduce use of substances/stop using substances
  • multi-agency partnerships
  • factual, unbiased information for young people about their substance use
We will act with the best interests of the young person in mind.

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The Sorted Substance Misuse Referral Form is for those who wish to refer a young person to Sorted. This form should be used when there is a concern about a young person's substance use/misuse.

It is used to determine what substance use the young person is carrying out, and the type of support that may be required from Sorted.

PLEASE NOTE: the young person must be aware that the referral is being made.

Please click here for the Sorted Substance Misuse Referral Form.
If you would like to contact Sorted, please do so using the contact details below:

Sorted Young Peoples Drug & Alcohol Services
Northumberland Adolescent Service
Northumbria House

Telephone: 01670 536400