For information about school transport for pupils with SEND

For information about school and college transport for pupils with special educational needs and information for applying for a concessionary travel pass please see below.

The council has specific eligibility criteria for qualifying for home to school and further education college/sixth form transport.  

Our Home to School Transport Policy outlines the eligibility criteria that must be met to qualify for transport assistance. This policy applies to children of compulsory school age who attend mainstream and special schools. 
Our click here to find the Post-16 Transport Policy. outlines the eligibility criteria that must be met by young people in Post 16 education to qualify for transport assistance. This policy applies to students, irrespective of whether they are in receipt of an Education, Health and Care Plan.   
Please do familiarise yourself with the content of the relevant transport policy before considering applying for transport support as the eligibility criteria is strictly applied.

A copy of our SEND transport information handbook for parents and carers can be found here. This booklet provides information in relation to transport arrangements we put in place to support children attending special schools.
Below are online application forms for you to complete if you think your child is eligible for free school transport.

We receive a very high volume of applications for school transport and Post 16 transport during the months of August and September and whilst we make every effort to process applications and get transport arrangements in place for qualifying children and young people as quickly as possible, this may take longer than the normal 10 working days. 

Please choose the correct form and also ensure you have read and understood the relevant school transport policy and, in particular, the eligibility criteria before considering submitting an application.

Apply for pre-16 SEND transport: please fill in this form if your child has an EHCP, is of compulsory school age and is attending either a special school or a mainstream school.

Apply for pre-16 school transport: please fill out this form if your child is of compulsory school age and is attending a mainstream school.

Apply for post-16 SEND transport: please fill in this form if your child has an EHCP and is attending a further education college.

Apply for post-16 transport: please fill out this form if your child is starting at a high school sixth form (Year 12) or a further education college.

When we receive an application for transport assistance for a child or young person with special educational needs or disabilities it will be assessed by our colleagues in the Council's SEND team. This is because they are best placed to undertake such an assessment as they have access to your child's Educational, Health & Care Plan.  
Find out about applying for, replacing and renewing your bus pass here. Northumberland County Council participates in the government’s English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS). This scheme entitles passholders who are residents in England to free off-peak travel on local bus services throughout the country. Once you have your pass, the scheme is free and easy to use.

Eligibility - find out if you can apply for a bus pass 

You will be eligible for a concessionary travel pass (bus pass) if: 



Application process 

If you’d like to apply for a new or renewal pass, you can apply: 
You can apply online by clicking here which is the quickest way for your pass to be processed. 
If you are applying to renew your bus pass online for the first time, you will need to apply as if you are a new applicant. You need to create an account on our online application website if you have not already done this. 
Via email: 

Please email the completed form to  
By post: 
Concessionary Travel 
Northumberland County Council 
County Hall 
NE61 2EF 
If you have any trouble with the process, please contact us on 0345 600 6400. For more information on how to contact us click here

Older person's pass - when to apply

If you are nearly at the age where you become eligible for an older person’s pass, you can apply in advance. Please do not apply more than 28 days in advance. We will keep your application on file as we cannot issue a pass until you become eligible

What to expect after you have applied for your bus pass 

Take note of the following points: 

  • Receipt of your application does not mean we will issue you with a pass. If your application is incomplete or unclear, we will have to contact you. This will result in your application being delayed. 
  • We aim to send out passes within 15 working days of receiving a valid application. This allows us time to check your eligibility, and that your application is properly completed. Your application will therefore have all the necessary supporting evidence, and there will be nothing we need to query. 


Information for bus operators 
If you are a bus operator in Northumberland who participates in the ENCTS, please click here to see the statutory notice
Privacy notice - how we handle your information 
Please click here to view the concessionary travel privacy notice

This handbook provides information to parents/carers of SEND children who access the home to school transport service as arranged by Northumberland County Council.

SEND Transport Handbook PDF

Download your edition here by clicking here - SEND transport handbook
Contact the school transport team using the details below.

Telephone: 01670 624 839 and select the pre 16 SEN option (if the child is aged 16 or under) or the post-16 SEN option (if aged 16 and attending college). 


You can also contact the school transport team here.