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Programmes and Funding

The Programmes and External Funding team manages and administers external grant funding programmes.

Corporate Programmes, External Funding and Projects

The Corporate Programmes and External Funding team supports with Council funding applications and manages and administers approved funding programmes. The team’s responsibilities include:

  • Programme/Project Management
  • Contract Coordination
  • Funding Bids
  • Application technical appraisals and due diligence 
  • External funding advice and signposting service 
  • Funding Research and distribution of the Funding eBulletin 
  • State aids and legal work around external funding programmes 
  • Programme/Project Monitoring and compliance 
  • Evaluation of Programmes and Projects


Activities are in key investments in themed areas. These include:

  • ICT and Broadband 
  • Physical Regeneration
  • Culture and Tourism
  • Rural Business and Community Support
  • Historic Area Improvement Schemes
  • Portas
  • Peregrini Landscape Partnership
  • Business support 

Priority Investments

The priority investment areas for Northumberland are:

  • Ashington Town Centre
  • Blyth Town Centre (Supermarket Land)
  • Property Development Funds – SE Northumberland Land & Berwick
  • Blyth Estuary Renewable Energy Zone (Berez) and Enterprise Zones 
  • Berwick Future

To deliver these key priorities the Programmes and Funding Team works closely with Arch, the Northumberland Development Company and the NCC Local Growth Team.

Key Contacts

Heather Smith, Corporate Programmes & External Funding Manager
Tel: 01670 623883. Email:

David Baird, External Funding Appraisal Manager

Tel: 01670 623888. Email:

Funding Bulletins

If you wish to view the previous bulletins, click the link for Funding Bulletins Archive.

pdfFunding eBulletin 140915.pdf 608 KB9/15/2015 11:00 AM
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