We have a range of parking permits available in Northumberland. Check to see if any would be beneficial to you & find out how to apply.

Countywide Parking Permit

Due to the introduction of free parking for most Northumberland towns on 1 April, the Countywide Permit is no longer available.

If you have a permit which expires after April 2014, you have two options.

1.  Apply for a refund

We will refund any full months unused that remain on the permit after 1 April.  For example, if your permit is due to expire on 5 October 2014, you will get a refund for six months, if however, it is due to expire on 31 October, you will receive seven months refund.

5 Apply for you Countywide parking permit refund  here

You will need to have your permit number and expiry date handy.

2.  Retain your permit

If you regularly park where parking charges are being retained eg Berwick Railway Station, you may choose to keep your permit until it expires as it will remain valid in these locations

Please note: we have introduced a Pay and Display Permit which will be valid in those parking places where charges still apply.  See below for more information.

Northumberland Pay and Display Parking Permit

This permit will be valid in those car parks that have retained parking charges: Berwick Railway Station, Corbridge, Craster, Holy Island, Newton by the Sea and Seahouses .

5Apply online here

There are four ways to apply and pay for a Pay and Display Permit:

  • Online: Apply online here (you will need your credit / debit card)
  • Phone: 0845 600 6400 or one of our local phone numbers and pay using a debit/credit card
  • In person – at one of our Customer Information Centres using a debit/credit card, cash or cheque
  • By post - Post your completed pay and display permit application form and cheque (made payable to 'Northumberland County Council') to Parking Services, County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF.

Permits can be bought for periods lasting three, six or twelve months



3 months


6 months


12 months


The permit can be purchased by any individual or business.

If you already have a Northumberland Countywide Permit that expires after April 2014 and you wish to continue using your permit you may do so as your permit will remain valid in the car parks that retained parking charges.

Northumberland Shoppers Permit

This permit is no longer available. Existing permits will no longer be valid after 31 March 2014.

There was a £15 charge for each permit issued to cover the cost of administration and this charge is non-refundable.

Community worker permit

This permit is available to individuals who work for organisations that provide emergency/urgent health or social care to patients in the community, and who are required to undertake 'on-call' duties.

The permit costs £15 and is valid for two years – terms and conditions apply.

Permits cost £15.00 and may only be used in the vehicle specified on the permit. The permit will be valid for two years from the date of issue.

How to apply for the permit

1. Download and complete the community worker permit application form here or request a form from Parking Services on 0845 600 6400.

2. Check the supporting evidence that you will need to provide (this is listed on the application form).

3. Return the form, together with your supporting evidence:

  • in person – at one of our Customer Information Centres and pay for the permit using a debit/credit card, cash or cheque
  • by post – send your completed shoppers permit application form and cheque (made payable to 'Northumberland County Council') to Parking Services, County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF.

Please note:

  • If you do not provide the necessary documentation or sign the application form we will be unable to process your application.
  • Please allow 10 working days for an application to be processed.
  • The permit may only be used for the vehicle specified on the permit.

Replacement permits

If you change your car you must return the old permit and reapply for a replacement submitting evidence of the new vehicle details. Amendments and replacements will be charged at £15 per permit.

If your permit is stolen then you need to report the theft of your permit to the police and obtain a crime reference number before we can issue a free replacement.

When you can use the permit

The permit must ONLY be used when responding in the following situations:

  • to an urgent or emergency situation
  • when the condition of the patient or client necessitates an emergency home visit

The permit must NOT be used:

  • for any routine non-emergency 'home visit' or where the patient or client is able to attend an appointment in person
  • if parking near or outside a hospital, clinic, health centre, general practice or the holder's usual place of work

Emergency or urgent means a situation in which:

  • a patient needs immediate treatment to avoid possible loss of life
  • a patient/client needs immediate treatment to alleviate acute pain or other distressing symptoms
  • a child is in danger
  • a person is at risk of violent attack
  • childbirth is imminent
  • immediate post natal treatment is required
  • a patient/client poses a risk to themselves and/or others
  • lifesaving equipment in the home has failed

Where you can use the permit

The community worker permit should be used together with a time clock, which should be set to indicate the time of arrival. The maximum length of stay when displaying the permit is 3 hours with no return within 1 hour. This means you cannot reset your clock with a new time of arrival. Once the previous period expires, you must move your vehicle.

The permit can be used in Northumberland, in any ‘Permit Holder Only’ or ‘shared use’ parking space. These can be found within residents’ parking schemes across the county and in some on-street parking places.

View the Resident Parking scheme locations

Please note:

  • The permit may only be used in the vehicle specified on the permit. If that car is unavailable (e.g. being serviced or being used by someone else) you must pay to park.
  • The permit must be surrendered to Northumberland County Council if you leave your current employment or change/sell the vehicle.
  • Each applicant is only eligible for one permit. The permit will be valid for two years from the date of issue.

Residents Parking Permit

In some areas of Northumberland, residents can apply for a permit which allows them to park during restricted times. The scheme aims to protect residents who live adjacent or close to town centres from external parking pressures.

If you live in a residential property within a resident parking scheme area and wish to park on the road during the hours of parking restrictions you will need to apply for a permit to park your vehicle. You can also apply for a permit to allow visitors to park when visiting your property.

A permit does not guarantee you a parking space outside of your property, as resident bays are not allocated to individual properties.

How to apply

Permits are £15 each.

1. Download and complete the Residents' Parking Permit application form or request a form from Parking Services on 0845 600 6400

2. Check the supporting information that you need (this is shown on the application form)

3. Return the form, together with your supporting evidence:

  • In person – at one of our Customer Information Centres and pay for the permit using a debit/credit card, cash or cheque
  • By post - send your completed residents' permit application form and cheque (made payable to 'Northumberland County Council') to Parking Services, County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF

Please note:

Additional permits

You can apply for up to two permits per property (one to a registered vehicle and one visitor permit).

Requests for additional permits may be considered at the time of annual scheme renewal. This will only be considered where the parking supply is in excess of the current scheme demand and will be reviewed annually on a scheme by scheme basis.

Permits will be issued to eligible residents following satisfactory completion of the application form, receipt of the required evidence and payment of the appropriate fee.

Replacement permits

If a permit holder replaces a vehicle to which a residents permit was issued, one free of charge replacement will be issued per permit per year. Any additional replacements will incur a £15 admin fee.

Residents’ parking schemes are in place in all the streets listed below, starting at varying times of the year.  Parking bays for the scheme are located only in those areas that are underlined.

Check the table for more details.







Streets within the resident parking scheme





Bailiffgate, Dorothy Forster Court

May -Apr



St Michael's Lane, St Michael's Square, Upper Dodds Lane, The Corn Exchange

May -Apr

Alnwick A2 Dispensary Street, Windsor Gardens Mar -Feb
Alnwick A3 St Andrew's Hall, Pottergate Dec - Nov
Alnwick A4 Green Batt Apr - Mar
Ashington F1 17 - 43 Laburnum Terrace, 43 - 69 (odds ONLY) Myrtle Street Jul - Jun
Ashington F2 1 - 25 Langwell Crescent, St Georges Manse, Station Road (allocated bays only) Jul - Jun
Ashington F3 60 - 112 (evens ONLY) Poplar Street, 85 - 95 (odds ONLY) Poplar Street, 60 - 86 (evens ONLY) Myrtle Street Jul - Jun
Ashington F4 1 - 15 South View, Ambleside, Ennerdale, Cambourne House, Dairy House Jul - Jun



Parking bays for the scheme can be found on the streets underlined:

Albert Place, Bank Hill, Bay Terrace, Bridge End, Bridge Street, Bridge Terrace, Brucegate, Castlegate, Chapel Street, Church Street, Cleet Court, College Place, Coxons Lane, Drivers' Lane, Easter Wynd, Eastern Lane, Foul Ford, Freemans Court, Greenside Avenue, Hatter's Lane, Hide Hill, Infirmary Square, Ivy Place, King James' Court, Longstone View, Love Lane, Marygate, Ness Street, Palace Green, Palace Street, Palace Street East, Parade, Parade School Mews, Pier Road, Quay Walls, Railway Street, Ravensdowne, Sallyport, Sandgate, Scotts Place, Shoe Lane, Sidey Court, Silver Street, St Andrew's Place, St Marys Place, Temperance Terrace, The Walls, Tweed Street, Walkergate, Wallace Green, Weddells Court, Well Close Square, Wellington Terrace, West Street, Woolmarket

Apr -Mar



Castle Terrace, Lovaine Terrace, Northumberland Avenue, Percy Terrace, Warkworth Terrace

Mar -Feb

Berwick B2 High Greens, Low Greens, Bell Tower Park, Bell Tower Place, Violet Terrace,  



Parking bays for the scheme can be found on the streets underlined:

Bondicar Terrace, Coomassie Road, Croft Road, Cypress Gardens, Marine Terrace, Marine Terrace East, Middleton Street, Waterloo Road

Jul -Jun



Parking bays for the scheme can be found on the streets underlined:

Aydon Road, Bridge End Cottages, Coopers Court, Dunkirk Terrace, Front Street, Garden Terrace, Hill Street, Main Street, Market Place, Middle Street, Newcastle Road, Orchard Crescent, The Orchard, Orchard View, Princes' Street, Princes' View, St Andrew's Terrace, St Helen's Street, St Helen's Place, St Mary's Chare, Tyne View Terrace, Watling Street, Well Bank, West Terrace, Woodbine Lane, Woodbine Terrace, Woodburn Cottages

Oct -Sep

Cramlington CM Station Road Sep - Aug
Guidepost G1 1 - 14 (ONLY) Byron Close May - Apr



7-32 (ONLY) Greenholme Road, 1-22 (ONLY) Banks Terrace

Jan -Dec



Maidens Walk, 1-15a St Cuthbert’s Terrace, 1a-12 Argyle Terrace, 1-37 St Wilfrid’s Road

1-20 Moral Place, Haugh Lane

1-4 River View, Haugh Lane

Stephenson House, Haugh Lane

Feb –Jan



1 - 57 (west side) Elvaston Road, 2-30 (east side) Elvaston Road 

Kaymanton, Newlands, Beechcroft, Highcroft, Littlegarth, Ashville, Littlecroft, Westcroft, Holly Lodge

Oct -Sep



4 - 11 (ONLY) Dean Street

Jul -Jun

Hexham H4 Hencotes Oct - Sep



Parking bays for the scheme can be found on the streets underlined:

Dacre Street, Manchester Street ,Maritime Place, St James Terrace, Copper Chare, Howard Terrace, Howard Road, The Limes, Silvas Court, Greystoke Gardens


Nov -Oct



Staithes Lane, Wellwood Gardens, Gas House Lane, Alma Place, Swinneys Court

Nov -Oct



Wansbeck Street, Hillgate, Wansbeck Court, Castle Square

Nov -Oct



Oldgate, Clock Towers Flats, Challoners Place, St Bede's Place, Wheatsheaf Yard, Engleby House

Nov -Oct



Newgate Street, Bullers Green, Dawsons Place, Dogger Bank, Newminster Terrace, Abbey View Yard

Nov -Oct

Mopreth M6 1 - 14 (ONLY) Carlisle View Dec - Nov



 10 - 37 (ONLY) Eastwoods Road

Jun - May



10 - 15 (ONLY) Tyneview Terrace

Feb - Jan



1 and 3 Blakewell Road, 1 - 70 (ONLY) Main Street,

20, 22  and 24 (ONLY) West End 

9, 11 and 13 (ONLY) Yard Heads

Apr -Mar



1 - 18 Blackett Cottages, Atrium, The Orchard

Mar -Feb

Reminder letters will be sent out to all permit holders one month before the scheme renewal date. Permit holders must ensure that they continue to display their existing permit until the new scheme year starts.

Where an existing scheme allows additional permits for guesthouses and hotels, alternative arrangements for guest parking need to be made as current levels of demand exceed available space.

Permits issued will be based on the requirements of each establishment, taking into account factors such as the number of bedrooms and any alternative council operated off-street parking or private provision nearby.

Proof that the premises are being used as a hotel or a guest house will be required.

Weekly Tourist Permit

A weekly permit is available and valid for seven consecutive days. The cost of the weekly tourist permit is £16.

The permit can be purchased in advance from Parking Services on 0845 600 6400 and from the following Tourist Information Centres (there is an addition admin charge of £1 if purchased from a Tourist Information Centre):

  • Alnwick
  • Berwick
  • Craster
  • Hexham
  • Morpeth
  • Seahouses
  • Wooler

HGV Annual Permit

There is an annual permit available for Heavy Goods Vehicles parking within the Wentworth Car Park in Hexham.

To apply for a permit you will need to download and complete the HGV annual application form here and return it to Parking Services or take it to a Customer Information Centre.