Northumberland Local Plan

Northumberland Local Plan

The Northumberland local plan is a collection of documents containing planning policies used to assess applications and guide the location of future development in the county.

Northumberland Local Plan

A Local Plan document is currently being prepared by the Council. It will include the planning policies that will be used to guide and determine future planning applications in Northumberland, detail the scale and distribution of new development and include land allocations and designations.

'Call for sites' consultation - February to March 2018
To help inform preparation of the new Northumberland Local Plan, we are inviting residents, landowners, developers, agents and other interested parties to put forward sites for potential development allocations in the Plan.

To submit a site for consideration please complete the site submission form below (letters and emails will not be accepted) - please complete a separate form for each site and attach a OS scale map clearly illustrating the location and boundaries of the site. See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for further information.

Sites that already have planning permission, are subject of a current planning application or have previously been submitted through the Core Strategy, SHLAA and Employment Land consultations will automatically be included in this Strategic Land Review study, so there is no need to re-submit them unless you have any further updated information about the potential deliverability of the site.
​Site submissions must be received by 5pm on 12 March 2018.
Printed site submission forms should be returned by:
Timetable for preparation and consultation
A summary of the main dates for the preparation of the Local Plan are summarised below:
  • Initial consultation - Spring 2018
  • Consultation on draft Local Plan - Summer 2018
  • Publication - Winter 2018
  • Submission - Summer 2019
  • Adoption - Summer 2020
The full timetable for the preparation of the viewed in the Local Development Scheme document. 
How to get involved
There will be opportunities to provide us with your comments at each of the key stages in the preparation of the Local Plan. If you would like to be notified of any relevant Local Plan consultations and be kept up-to-date with progress you can add your name to our database by either: Further information on how the council will involve local people in preparing the Local Plan can be found in the Statement of Community Involvement document.
Information on the withdrawal of the Core Strategy
The Northumberland Core Strategy was submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for independent examination on 7 April 2017.

At the Council meeting on 5 July 2017, Northumberland County Council agreed to formally withdraw the Core Strategy from the independent examination process. A Statement of Withdrawal, Frequently Asked Questions and Papers from the Council Meeting can be viewed accordingly.

Following a review, the Council has agreed that a full Local Plan document will be prepared and the Council will no longer be proceeding with the Core Strategy as well as the proposed Delivery Document.

The Council has also produced a position statement regarding the general approach that will be taken to planning applications following the withdrawal of the Core Strategy, with particular regard to proposals for housing development. Click here to view the position statement following the withdrawal of the Core Strategy.
Information on potential Government intervention
In November 2017 the Council received a letter from the then Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government regarding the potential for Government intervention in the process to prepare the Northumberland Local Plan. 
The Council has made a full response in line with the deadline set by Government.  The response letter and related correspondence can be viewed below:

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) sets out the broad timetable for the preparation of the Northumberland Local Plan, including the dates for key consultations and the adoption of the final document.

Click here to view Local Development Scheme 2017-2020 (November 2017).

Please note this version of the Local Development Scheme includes the revisions to the timetable following the withdrawal of the Core Strategy from examination in July 2017.

Supplementary Planning Documents

The Council is proposing to prepare the following Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) to provide additional guidance on the proposed policies in the Northumberland Local Plan and advice to assist in considering and determining planning applications:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Design
  • Hot Food Takeaway
  • Renewable Energy

There are also existing adopted Supplementary Planning Documents, which can be viewed using the links in the Consolidated Planning Policy Framework.

Annual Monitoring Report

The Council carries out regular monitoring to help understand how well the current planning policies are working. Monitoring is important to help inform the preparation of the planning policies and decisions on planning applications.

Click here to view more information on monitoring.