Northumberland Local Plan (Core Strategy)

Northumberland Local Plan (Core Strategy)

The Northumberland local plan is a collection of documents containing planning policies used to assess applications and guide the location of future development in the county.

Local plan - core strategy

The core strategy will provide the overarching planning policies that will guide where future development takes place.

The Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy was submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for independent examination on 7 April 2017.

At its Council meeting on 5 July 2017, Northumberland County Council agreed to formally withdraw the Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy from the independent examination process. A statement of withdrawal, frequently asked questions and papers from the council meeting can be viewed using the links below.

To meet the requirements of the regulations that relate to the withdrawal of a plan from examination, the submission Core Strategy documents have been removed from our website. 

A review of the Core Strategy is now taking place. Once this review has been completed, this page will be updated to provide details of the next steps.

Local plan - delivery document

The delivery document will allocate sites for new housing and other developments, as well as setting out detailed policies to assess planning applications.

Work on the preparation of the Delivery Document has been suspended following the withdrawal of the Core Strategy in July 2017.

What the delivery document will do
The delivery document will include:
  • detailed land allocations and designations, as well as site specific proposals for the buildings, infrastructure and services to deliver the proposals in the core strategy
  • detailed policies to guide the assessment of planning applications
  • a proposals map identifying land allocations and designations
The document plan will include site proposals for new development including:
  • housing
  • economic and employment land
  • retailing
  • infrastructure and community facilities
  • mineral extraction
  • new or enhanced waste management facilities 

Local development scheme

The local development scheme sets out which documents make up the Northumberland local plan and the timetable for the preparation of these documents.

About the local development scheme
A revised Local Development Scheme 2016 to 2019 was approved in November 2016, replacing the March 2016 version.

The Local Development Scheme sets out that the following documents will be produced as part of the Northumberland Local Plan: The Local Development Scheme and the timetable for the preparation of the local plan will now be reviewed following the withdrawal of the Core Strategy from examination in July 2017.
Superseded local development schemes

Supplementary planning documents

The council prepares supplementary planning documents to give greater detail on current policies where necessary. They also provide guidance and advice to assist in considering and determining planning applications.

View proposed supplementary planning documents
The council is proposing to prepare the following supplementary planning documents to provide additional guidance on the policies contained in the Northumberland local plan:
  • South East Ponteland
  • affordable housing
  • renewable energy
  • design
The role and purpose of these documents is currently being reviewed following the withdrawal of the Core Strategy from independent examination in July 2017.

Annual monitoring report

The council carries out monitoring to help understand how well the current planning policies are working. Monitoring is important to help inform the preparation of planning policies and decisions on planning applications.