School transport

School transport

Here you will find advice about entitlement to home to school transport.

Home to School Transport

The council has published 3 separate education transport policies which set out the eligibility criteria for qualifying for home to mainstream school, special school and further education college/sixth form transport. If entitlement to transport is important to how your child will get to and from school or college, it is vital you read and understand the relevant policy, which will provide you with further information and assist with any questions you may have, before you apply for a school or college place.

For specific information about transport entitlement to mainstream schools (including faith schools) for a child of compulsory school age, please read the Mainstream (Pre-16) School Transport Policy.
For specific information about transport entitlement to school sixth forms as well as further education colleges for students entering Post-16 Education please read the Post-16 Transport Policy 2017 to 2018
For specific information about transport entitlement to special schools for a child with special educational needs please read the Home to School Transport Policy for Children with Disabilities and/or Special Educational Needs. 

  • To apply for Mainstream Home-to-School Transport, please click here. Please be aware that it may take up to 10 working days to process an application for transport.
  • To apply for Post-16 Transport please click here. Be aware that it may take up to 10 working days to process an application for transport (this rises to 15 working days at peak times such as the late summer period).
  • We strongly advise you to read the relevant Home to School Transport Policy before considering submitting an application for transport.
  • You can also contact the school transport team here.
  • For information if you have lost or damaged your Bus Pass you will be required to replace it at your own cost. If it is a Bus Pass produced by NCC (In house) for Mainstream & Post 16 transport please call the contact centre on 0345 6006400, For passes issued for travel on  ARRIVA services contact Amy Walker at Arriva on 0191 520 4231 and for GO NORTH EAST passes contact the Go North East Customer Services 0845 60 60 260. 

Apply for Pre 16 Transport & The Post 16 Travel Scheme

Below are Online Application forms for Post 16 Travel Scheme and Pre 16 School Transport. Please make sure you have read and understood the relevant transport policy before applying.

Alternative ways to apply for the Post 16 Travel Scheme and further useful information
Make sure you have read and understood the post-16 transport policy before applying in one of the following ways: Post-16
School Transport Team
Local Services Directorate
County Hall
NE61 2EF

Useful information:

Details of transport available for Northumberland College sites are available. Please click here for more information
How do I get a place on a school bus?
To apply for mainstream home-to-school transport, please click here. Be aware that applications will be processed in 10 working days. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

Children with disabilities and/or special educational needs have the same entitlement as any other pupil within the education system.

The council may also provide free home-to-school transport as an adjustment to a disability in cases where the child lives within the statutory walking distance of a school.

For further information, please refer to the home to school transport policy for disabled children and children with special educational needs.

Information for post-16 students travelling on public bus services & timetables

The following is a summary of the ‘student saver tickets’ that major suppliers of local bus services have made available to students entering post-16 education.

Information is provided with regards to the type of tickets available to purchase, along with payment options. Each company will be able to provide further information on their offers and their contact details are provided below. Also included are details of bus services that Northumberland College fund.

Arriva - post-16 school travel
  • Flexible payment options including daily, weekly, termly or annual ticket options.
  • There is the facility to travel any time of the day during the academic year and this includes half-term breaks as well as Christmas & Easter holidays.
  • The travel passes offer students travel within a particular zone or between zones. There are a number of zones, each representing a particular geographical area.
To view the zone map and purchase zonal tickets, please click here.

Please note: the deadline to arrange direct debits for September start was Monday 3 August 2015.

Arriva zone structure:

Berwick zone: Berwick to Belfod
Alnwick zone: Alnwick, Longhouhgton, Felton, Longframlington, Thropton, Bamburgh
Amble zone: Amble, Acklington, Widdrington, Warkworth
Morpeth zone: Morpeth, Longhorsely, Stannington, Pegswood*
Ashington zone: Cresswell, Ellington, Ashington, Newbiggin, Bedlington*
Blyth Valley zone: Blyth, Cramlington, Seaton Delaval*
Hexham (Tyne Valley) zone: Hexham, Heddon, Haltwhistle*
Tyne & Wear

*Existing triple ticket zone

Travel products are available as either a 15-week ticket or for a full academic year. To purchase now and pay in full, complete the relevant fields with your personal details. Where it asks you for ICIS, NUS or student number, insert ‘post16north’ and select Northumberland schools & colleges where it asks for your university/college.
For further information, contact the Arriva customer service team: 03448 004411.
Stagecoach - post-16 school travel

VIP tickets – for young people under 19
If you are under 19, you can buy discounted bus tickets with the Stagecoach VIP scheme. You do not need to be a student to use this scheme, but you will need to apply for a VIP ID card. You will be able to use your VIP ticket on any Stagecoach North East bus, as often as you like, and you can buy tickets for a day, or a week from the bus driver, or a four-week ticket online.

Unirider tickets – for students aged 16+
Unirider is available to full-time students over 16 who hold a valid ID card and it allows you to get around the North East on Stagecoach buses, with no restrictions on its use. You can buy annual and term tickets throughout the academic year and there is also a summer holiday version. You will be able to use your unirider ticket on any Stagecoach North East bus.

Where can I use VIP and Unirider?
VIP and Unirider tickets are valid on all Stagecoach North East buses throughout Tyne & Wear and Tees Valley, including into Northumberland, Hartlepool, Teeside, Sunderland, Newcastle and South Shields.

To find out more about these schemes, or to buy tickets, visit the Stagecoach website.

Go North East - post-16 school travel
For students living in Northumberland and starting college, or staying on at school/sixth form in September, a ‘get around’ smartcard is required. It’s safe, secure and free, simply apply online and it will be posted to you. Click here to apply. Once you have your smartcard, you can then save on travel.

The ‘get around’ ticket entitles you to all day travel and at weekends too. Your travel is loaded onto a smartcard and when you board the bus, you are required to hold your smartcard over the reader and wait for the light to signal green.

If you lose your smartcard, Go North East can replace it with all the valid tickets you had on your original card. There is a £5 replacement fee for this.
Glen Valley Tours - post-16 school travel
Operating a public service, 473, between Wooler and Alnwick.
From Student
Day Return
Wooler £3 £12 £400
Powburn £2.50 £10 £350
Glanton £2.30 £10 £350
Whittingham £2.30 £10 £350

The following payment methods are available:
  • £400 or £350 can be paid in one full amount by cheque, bank transfer, debit/credit card or cash. The ticket issued will be usable during term-time only.
  • ​An initial payment of £120 deposit is required, followed by eight monthly instalments. Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer, debit/credit card or cash. Tickets will be issued during term time only.
  • A weekly (five-day) ticket can be purchased on the bus and payment is by cash only. The ticket is valid for week of issue only.
  • A daily ticket can be purchased on the bus and payment is by cash only. The ticket is valid for day of issue only.
Tickets will be valid on all 473 departures including the 1815 from Alnwick to Wooler

Contact details:
Glen Valley Tours, Station Road, Wooler, NE71 6SP
Telephone: 01668 281 578
Travelsure - post-16 school travel
Travelsure operate a public bus service 470, which operates between Wooler and Alnwick. They are introducing the following day return tickets for post-16 students:
From Day Return Weekly Term Annual
Wooler £2.60 £12 £150 £400
Wandon £2.60 £12 £150 £400
Chatton £2.50 £11.50 £140 £400
Chillingham £2.20 £11 £130 £350
Old Berwick £2.10 £10 £120 £330
Eglingham £2 £9.50 £110 £300
  • These day return tickets can be purchased on the bus and payment is by cash only.
  • A weekly ticket can be purchased on the bus and payment is by cash only.
  • A termly pass can be purchased over the phone or from the Travelsure Shop in Seahouses. Payment can be made by debit card or by credit card.
  • An annual pass can be purchased over the phone or from the Travelsure Shop in Seahouses. Payment can be made by debit card or credit card.
Contact details:
The Travelsure Shop
67 Main Street
NE68 7TN
Telephone: 01665 720955 or 01668 219291
Perryman's Buses Ltd - post-16 school travel
Perryman's operate the following bus services that can be used to access Berwick Academy:
  • service 67 - Coldstream, Cornhill, Norham to Berwick
  • service 267 - Wooler, Milfield, Ford/Etal, Duddo, Shoresdean to Berwick
  • service 464 - Wooler, Doddington, Lowick, Ancroft, Scremerston to Berwick
The following tickets are available to students:
Student day return, student 10-journey tickets, term season ticket, annual season ticket

Day return and 10-journey are available from the driver, either for students in school uniform or presenting a valid student ID card (cash only).

The 10-journey, term and annual season tickets can be bought in advance from the offices at Ramparts Business Park, Berwick upon Tweed. Only students attending an education establishment in Berwick upon Tweed may apply. Bus passes issued are covered by Perryman’s buses terms and conditions.
Telephone: 01289 308719 with a credit/debit card – the company will post the ticket out.

Fares to Berwick Academy:
From Student Day
 10 Journey
 Term Season
Annual Season
Cornhill £3.60 £12.60 £163.80 £445
Norham £3 £10.50 £136.50 £370
Wooler (via 464) £4 £14 £182 £490
Wooler (via 267) £4.50 £16.10 £209.30 £565
Doddington £4 £14 £182 £490
Lowick £2.90 £10.50 £136.50 £370
Ancroft £2.10 £7.70 £100.10 £270
Scremerston £2 £7.70 £91 £245
Milfield £4 £14 £182 £490
Ford/Etal £2.90 £10.50 £136.50 £370
Duddo £2.60 £9.10 £118.30 £320
Shoresdean £2.10 £7.70 £100.10 £270

There is also a £9, 10-journey ticket available to all students travelling on the B6 Berwick town service.
Full terms and conditions are available on the website at
For any other information call 01289 308719 or by email to
Rothbury Motors - post-16 school travel
Rothbury Motors operate a public bus service, 280, which operates between Alnwick and Bedlington (for St Benet Biscop RC High School). They are introducing the following weekly, term & annual tickets for post-16 students. Tickets issued will be usable during term time only.

Tickets can only be purchased directly from Rothbury Motors and payments can be made by credit/debit cards or cheque. Please contact their main office on 01665 606 616, or email for more information.


  Operation times Ticket prices
  Morning Evening Week Term Annual
Alnwick 7:25 16:45 £15 £150 £430
Hipsburn 7:30 14:40 £15 £150 £430
Amble 7:38 16:32 £15 £150 £430
North Broomhill 7:43 16:27 £15 £150 £430
Widdrington 7.56 16:14 £15 £150 £430
Stobswood 7.57 16:13 £15 £150 £430
Ulgham 8:02 16:08 £13 £130 £375
Pegswood 8:11 15:59 £13 £130 £375
St Benet Biscops 8:30 15:40 - - -
Northumberland College - post-16 school travel
Northumberland College has arranged a number of bus services. To view the bus services for the campus, click here. You can click on the bus service number for route details.

For further information and prices approach Northumberland College Student Infozones at Ashington and Kirkley Hall or call 01670 841 200.

Special education needs transport

This section provides information about services for pupils with special education needs.

How do I get a place on a school bus?
The LEA provides a home-to-school transport service for pupils:
  • with special educational needs up to the age of 19
  • with medical needs up to the age of 19
  • who are excluded from school
  • who have a diagnosed phobia of school
  • who are pregnant or schoolgirl mothers
What type of transport is provided?
The transport is provided in a number of ways:
  • free travel permits for public transport – specialist minibus, e.g. tail-lift vehicle
  • minibus from home to school – wheelchair accessible taxi – taxi/people carrier
How do you decide?
Entitlement to transport for children is based on an assessment of individual need. The local education authority has produced a standard form for completion as part of the assessment process, which will be completed by the professionals in discussion with parents and carers.

The information provided allows the transport staff to make informed decisions on the type of vehicle to provide, the correct restraint and clamping systems that will be used and the level of supervision/care.

If it is decided the child’s special needs do not require special transport arrangements then the general home-to-school distance policy will apply.

Transport arrangements will be regularly kept under review. The annual review required for those children with a statement of special educational needs provides a formal opportunity to review any transport arrangements.
Parental preference & transport
If parents choose to send their child to a school the local education authority does not consider to be the nearest suitable school, there is no duty to provide free transport.

In such circumstances, parents will be required to make their own transport arrangements or pay to access services.

The local education authority does, however, retain its discretion to provide free transport or to make a contribution to parents towards the cost.

Information for parents during periods of severe weather

During periods of severe weather, there may be school closures or disruption to the home-to-school transport.

In these circumstances do you know what to do?

In extreme cases, a school may close during the day due to severe weather and your child will be sent home early.

Do you have a procedure in place for the care of your child in the event of school disruption?
You could make arrangements with a relative or close friend to care for your child until you are able to get home.

You could inform the school and transport provider of these arrangements, as it may be necessary for your child to seek alternative transportation from school.

Ensure the school and transport provider has an emergency contact number. Above all, ensure your child is aware of these arrangements. 
One or two things to consider - school disruption

Dress code
It is important to ensure your child is warmly dressed, just in case the school transport is running late, or the journey is slow.

Waiting time
During periods of severe weather, a child should wait 30 minutes after their normal pick-up time for school transport. After 30 minutes, it is advisable for the child to return home.

It is important the school is informed that your child has returned home after waiting 30 minutes for transport to arrive. Ensure you have the contact details of your transport providers and they have emergency contact numbers for you.

If you take your child to school, it is your responsibility to collect them in the afternoon.

It is vital for parents to have a contingency plan in place, if they are not home when a child returns. For example: a buddy scheme, or a family friend or relative who the child can go to until the parent/carer returns home.