School term & holiday dates

School term & holiday dates

Here you will find information on all term dates and school closures for Northumberland.

Unplanned school closures

This is a list of schools closed due to weather, building problems or other local reasons.

If your school is not listed below, this means that either we have not received any information regarding your school, or that your school is open. If you are unsure, please contact your school directly. Click here for your school’s contact details.

Details of school closures are also given on:

School term dates

Headteachers have the discretion to grant an authorised absence in term time, but will only do so in exceptional circumstances.

If an authorised absence request is granted, it will be the headteacher's responsibility to determine the length of time a child is absent. Authorised absence is unlikely to be granted for the purposes of a family holiday. Parents/carers can be fined for taking a child on holiday during term time without consent.

For further information regarding term dates, please refer to: