Trading standards - product safety

Trading standards - product safety

Safety of Consumer Goods

To some extent we all take the safety of items we use around the house for granted however the trading standards service is working with manufactures, importers and retailers to make sure that we can literally sleep easy in our beds. We enforce safety legislation on a wide range of products including toys. upholstered furniture, carry cots, pens, pencils, electric blankets, child car seats and second hand items. We do this by investigating complaints, carrying out inspections and submitting test purchases to experts to have them tested.

Most frequently asked questions about consumer safety

Where can I find the most up to date information about unsafe products?

Safety Warnings and product recalls

What do I need to think about when buying a pram or a pushchair? 

Buying a Pram or Pushchair

I sell second hand electric items, what should I do doing to make sure they are safe?

Selling safe second-hand electrical goods

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