School recycling

Here you will find everything you need to know about recycling, composting and litter management in your school.

Northumberland County Council aims to provide advice for schools to set up, or further develop, a recycling and waste management scheme that will be successful and sustainable. We would love for all pupils and staff to strive to protect the environment in the long-term.

Please click here for the school waste guide for caretakers and managers.


Litter picking

Find out how your school could ‘adopt’ an area while supporting the LOVE Northumberland campaign, and learn how Northumberland County Council can support your work:
PLEASE NOTE: Thick undergrowth is best avoided on litter picks with children. This is because sharp items or dog waste may not be spotted. Habitats and species are also at risk of being damaged in the undergrowth, this includes nesting hedgehogs and birds.



If this is something you would like to participate in on school grounds, please visit our home composting page here.


Recycling lessons and ideas

Please click here for more information about The Pod. This resource contains lesson plans and worksheets about waste, energy, science, and sustainability.
Any students studying home economics, catering, or working with textiles may have an interest in the following schemes: