School recycling

Here you will find everything you need to know about recycling, composting and litter management in your school.

Helping pupils and staff protect the environment.

Advice for schools to set up or further develop a recycling and waste management scheme that will be successful and sustainable. 

School waste guide for caretakers and school managers
Help plan for school litter picking activities with links to information and resources.

Find out how your school could “adopt” an area while supporting the LOVE Northumberland campaign, and learn how Northumberland County Council could support your work.  
  • Tip- Thick undergrowth is often best avoided on litter picks with school groups and sticking to the path would be the advice for the following reasons-
  • Sharp items of litter and dog waste may not be easily spotted and could be stepped on.
  • Habitats and species could be damaged-  This is particularly the case during the spring and early summer when new growth habitats and wildlife such as nesting birds could be damaged and disturbed. There may also be nesting hedgehogs and other animals at various times of the year in the undergrowth.

We aim to help support your composting at school efforts. You will find useful links to resources, advice on health and safety, information about recycling projects and how to get compost bins.

Ideas for lessons on recycling and waste reduction

Students doing home economics, catering or working with textiles may like the following two websites-