Debt help & advice

If you are having trouble paying your council tax or business rates, please contact us immediately on 0345 600 6400 and we will do all we can to help you.

Don’t ignore a debt problem - doing nothing could make things worse.

  • Contact the organisation you owe money to and let them know you are having problems – they may be able to give you different payment options.
  • Pay priority debts first and consider using a debt advisor for budgeting help.
  • Think carefully before borrowing money to repay your existing debts.
  • Get advice before borrowing against your home. You will pay more in the long run and you risk losing your home.
  • We would strongly recommend joining your local credit union for borrowing and saving as you could be wasting money paying back doorstep lenders.
  • You may be able to ask a court for more time to repay a debt – but only in some circumstances. Speak to a debt advisor before considering court action and keep copies of letters and emails in case they are needed by the court.
  • The law can be complex and your rights and options are dependent on the agreement made. See below for useful resources for free help and advice. 
Use the links below for organisations that can offer free, confidential and impartial debt advice.