The State of Northumberland Report provides a suite of indicators based around the seven key themes in the council’s corporate plan, presenting a barometer as to the prevailing quality of life across Northumberland compared with the regional and national average. The State of Northumberland indicators are updated on an annual basis. To access previous years data contact

How - We want to be efficient, open and work for everyone
The indicators in the How section focus on sickness absence, council tax collection and planning applications.

Living - We want you to feel safe, healthy, and cared for
The indicators in the Living section focus on care and support, crime, community safety, poverty and health and well-being. Enjoying - We want you to love where you live
The indicators in the enjoying section cover the environment and cultural participation. Connecting - We want you to have access to the things you need
The indicators in the Connecting section cover transport, house prices and broadband connectivity. Learning - We want you to achieve and realise your potential
The indicators in the Learning section cover attainment, higher education and adult learning. Thriving - We want to attract more and better jobs
The indicators in the Thriving section cover the economy, labour market, business and market towns. Success Measures - We want to make a difference
The indicators in the Success Measures section cover resident perception and volunteering
  • Data coming soon!