Image demonstrating From family trees to mysteries of the past...

From family trees to mysteries of the past...

Anyone interesting in researching their family tree, their home, or the history of Northumberland can now get help from the experts in Northumberland County Council’s Archives team.

Every Tuesday a member of the team will be in reception at County Hall, Morpeth, to help people who’d like to use the archives but don’t really know where to begin, or what information is available.

Sessions are in 30 minute slots and are bookable via Eventbrite – free of charge, at Northumberland Archives Events | Eventbrite.

Councillor Jeff Watson, Cabinet Member for Culture, Heritage and Libraries, said: “Whether residents want to trace their ancestry, research their local communities, hometowns or find out the history of a particular building or artefact, our team will be able to help.

“Northumberland has a rich history, and we are lucky to hold such expansive and impressive archives documenting the past centuries.

“I hope people take advantage of this offer and enjoy the process of uncovering the mysteries of the past and discovering their heritage.”

Northumberland Archives holds millions of records relating to the history of the county, its residents, property, and businesses. The documents reveal intriguing facts and stories with the oldest record dating back to 1156.

There are Archives bases at Woodhorn and Berwick housing the Council’s two miles of records, many of which are available online too.

Why not book a session, pop along and speak to the friendly archives staff? They can answer questions, give research advice and help visitors find what they’re looking for.

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