Sycamore Gap

Council's shock and anger at Sycamore Gap tree felling

The leader of Northumberland County Council has expressed his shock and anger at the felling of the tree at Sycamore Gap on Hadrian’s Wall. 

Council Leader Glen Sanderson said: “Today is a very sad day for our county. 

“I am finding it difficult to express the shock, anger and hurt I feel at the destruction of this iconic landmark. 

“The Sycamore Gap tree has stood for centuries and is known throughout the world. For it to be felled in what is clearly a deliberate act is absolutely terrible and I’m sure I speak for everyone in the county when I say how upset I was when I heard the news this morning. 

“We will of course be supporting the Northumberland National Park and all other agencies to see what can be done going forward, but at this time all I can do is share in the sadnesss caused by this apparently senseless act of vandalism.” 

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