Image demonstrating Haydon neighbourhood plan officially ‘made’   

Haydon neighbourhood plan officially ‘made’   

Residents of Haydon Parish, in the Tyne Valley now have more of a say over future development in their local area.
The Haydon Neighbourhood Plan which passed independent examination in March and was successful at referendum in June was officially adopted, or ‘made’, at a meeting of Northumberland County Council’s cabinet this week.  

It will now form a key part of the planning process for this area and be part of the statutory development plan for Northumberland. This means that future planning decisions in the Parish will be made in line with policies in them, unless ‘material considerations’ indicate otherwise. 

A local referendum held in the Parish in August returned a majority vote (89%) in favour of Northumberland County Council and Northumberland National Park Authority using the Haydon Parish Neighbourhood Plan to help to decide planning applications in the Haydon Neighbourhood Area, in the future. 

The Plan was prepared by a group comprising members of the Parish Council and local residents, who were supported throughout the process by the County Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Team.  

It focusses on a range of planning issues identified by the local community. These include protecting and enhancing community facilities and local services, supporting housing development suitable for the Parish, preserving the natural environment including valued local green areas, and protecting the built heritage of the Parish. 

Councillor Colin Horncastle, cabinet member for community services at Northumberland County Council, said:  
"Neighbourhood Plans give communities real power in the planning process. These pieces of work are led by the communities, allowing them to prioritise what they think is important to the area. 

"This plan will give Haydon the ability to shape the growth of their community and is the latest of several neighbourhood plans to be adopted in Northumberland 

Work is under way on the preparation of neighbourhood plans in over 20 other parishes across Northumberland, while 19 neighbourhood plans are already in place. The Neighbourhood Planning Team continues to provide dedicated help and practical support to all the local parish councils involved in neighbourhood planning. 
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