Image demonstrating Coming soon - new affordable homes to rent in Wooler. 

Coming soon - new affordable homes to rent in Wooler. 

 Eleven new homes will soon be available for affordable rent on the Kingsmead Development in Wooler. 

The properties comprise four, two-bedroomed houses and seven, two-bedroomed bungalows. 
They have been acquired by Northumberland County Council from housing developer Ascent Homes who are building the 72 home Kingsmead development on Weetwood Road. 

First priority for these homes will be given to local people in housing need who have a close connection to Wooler or its surrounding area. 
Anyone interested in renting one of these properties will need to join Northumberland Homefinder –    where they can search and bid for properties once they have been advertised.  

Northumberland County Councillor Colin Horncastle, cabinet member for community services said: 
“Improving the quantity and quality of affordable housing to help create more homes for rent remains one of the council’s top priorities. 

Our population is dispersed over a large geographical area, and they have varying housing needs. This is a great scheme that will benefit both the young and the old in this rural community. First priority for these homes will be given to local people in housing need.” 

The two bedroomed houses will be suitable for those eligible for 1- or 2-bedroom properties with preference given to couples or families.   

The two bedroomed bungalows will be suitable for those eligible for 1- or 2-bedroom properties. Preference will be given to couples or families who are over 60 or require ground floor accommodation in housing need.  
The properties will be rented out to those on the county Homefinder waiting list using the rural allocation policy, where preference is given to those who have worked or lived in the parish or the adjoining parish. 

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