Image demonstrating Home Movers - Don't lose your vote

Home Movers - Don't lose your vote

Often things can get lost or forgotten when moving to a new house, but with the local county council elections and the Police Crime Commissioner elections due to take place on Thursday May 6, Northumberland County Council is urging home movers to make sure their vote isn’t one of them. 
One of the biggest reasons that people fall off the electoral register is by simply moving to a new house. When people move, they usually remember to contact their banks and utilities providers with new address details, but they often forget to update their electoral registration details. 
And, if you’re not on the electoral register, you are not able to vote. 
People who have moved house in recent months and haven’t taken steps to re-register with their new address will need to do so before April 19. 
If you are uncertain and would like to check whether you are on the electoral role, please email the elections team with your full name and address to 
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