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Stay safe and ensure you're on the electoral register

Safeguard everyone’s health and your vote by sparing just a few minutes to make sure your name is on the electoral register. 

In July, all 150,000 householders in Northumberland were sent an annual canvass letter or canvass form from the County Council, listing everyone who is currently registered to vote at that property.

Households who have not yet responded to the initial canvass form will this month get a reminder form or an email.

If you receive a form, please use the available automated response options if you can. If you can’t, please return the form in the envelope provided.  

If you get an email, please follow the instructions in it. Alternatively, if you have your original form, please use the automated responses.

Please respond to the reminder before the deadline on 29th September.

If there is someone who is not on your canvass form who needs to register, they can do this at www.gov.uk/registertovote  However, we still require a response to the canvass form.

Please remember the canvass is taking place during a global pandemic where social distancing is a priority.  If we don’t get a response, we are legally obliged to send a canvasser to call at your home to collect your details, so for everyone’s health and safety please reply as soon as possible.

With elections taking place in Northumberland in May 2021, this is an important opportunity for you to ensure you have a say on issues that directly affect day-to-day life in the county.  
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