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Northumberland remains open for business

Northumberland County Council’s interim leader has moved to reassure businesses in the county that new measures introduced this week will support their futures. 
In a video message Cllr Glen Sanderson emphasised that this is not a local lockdown but rather steps that will protect everyone, including the business sector, from longer term impacts of coronavirus. 
Cllr Sanderson said: “As a council we are determined to continue to do everything that we can to help and support businesses. 
“We have acted quickly, with our neighbouring authorities across the region, to introduce some sensible measures which will protect the economy for the longer term, while allowing as near normal trading as possible. 
“Restaurants and pubs can remain open, tourist businesses can continue to welcome guests and shops and hair and beauty salons can continue to trade – so long as they follow all of the current guidance. 
“Our Northumberland Business Hub brings together an experienced and knowledgeable team of people who can give advice, guidance and support during this time, as well as signposting businesses to a number of support programmes.   
“I urge businesses to look at our website for further details, or email us on businessshub@northumberland.gov.uk.” 

Watch the video here
While infection rates in Northumberland are generally lower than in some areas, they have risen significantly in parts of the county, and the council points out that people travel frequently in and out of our area – for work, for education and to enjoy the county. 
Councillor Sanderson also stressed that Northumberland is open for business and that the council will continue to promote the county, urging people to enjoy a visit, while following local measures aimed at stopping the spread of Covid-19. 
The Northumberland Business Hub brings together a range of advice, guidance and support, including a number of dedicated support programmes available to Northumberland businesses.  These cover a range of areas including fully funded digital support like website and app development, and consultancy support to help businesses impacted by Covid 19. 
For more details visit www.northumberland.gov.uk/businesshub
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