Showing the maximum penalty of £1000 for not cleaning up after your dog with a dog in the foreground

Professional walker fined for failing to clear up after dog  

A professional dog walker from Wallsend has been prosecuted for breaching Northumberland County Council’s Public Spaces Protection Order (Dog Control Order) after she failed to clear up after dog she had taken to exercise on Cambois Beach. 
Nicki Stanners of Segedunum Crescent, Wallsend was fined £550 and ordered to pay £100 costs and £55 victim surcharge by Mid and South East Northumberland magistrates.  

She was initially issued with a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice by an Animal Welfare Officer from the county council which reduced to £80 if paid within 7 days. It was not paid despite a reminder being sent and Nick Stanners was therefore  prosecuted for the offence of failing to clear up after the dog, resulting in the higher penalty. 

During the court case, magistrates heard how an Animal Welfare Officer for Northumberland County Council was carrying out routine patrol duties in Cambois, Northumberland on the 18th December 2019 

During the course of her patrol, a dog walking vehicle pulled into the car park at Cambois Beach and the Defendant and another female proceeded to let in excess of 10 dogs out of the van. None of the dogs were controlled or on leaders. The Defendant and the other female remained by the van as the dogs ran off into the dunes. One of the dogs from the vehicle, a red setter, was seen to foul in the dunes. The Defendant and the female proceeded to the beach, without removing the faeces.  

The animal welfare officer approached both females and asked who was in control of the dogs. The Defendant identified herself and explained that she owned a dog walking business.  

The officer identified herself to the Defendant and advised her of what she had just witnessed; explaining she had committed an offence by failing to remove the faeces. The officer issued a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice to the Defendantreduced to £80 if paid within 7 days. It was not paid despite a reminder being sent and it still remains unpaid. 

Northumberland County Councillor John Riddlecabinet member with responsibility for community services said: 

This case involved a professional dog walker, who had a lot of dogs in her care and absolutely should have known better. Part of being a responsible dog owner is cleaning up after them and we are lucky a lot of our residents do just that.  No-one wants our beautiful green spaces to be tainted by dog mess and we will continue to find and fine offenders.” 

We hope this prosecution helps to get the message across that it is every dog owner’s responsibility to pick up after their dog and put the bagged mess in a bin. 
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