New 20mph zone for Alnwick town centre

A temporary 20mph zone is being introduced in Alnwick town centre. 
The new limits come into effect on Monday, October 19 after a request by Alnwick Town Council and the town’s County Councillor Gordon Castle.
The aim is to improve conditions for pedestrians by slowing traffic, making it safer and easier to socially distance during the pandemic. The speed restrictions will also make it safer for cyclists in the town. 
The new limit will cover the town centre shopping area, from the Bondgate Tower through to the bus station and the Castle entrance. 
The streets covered are: Bondgate Within, Narrowgate, Market Street, Market Place, Clayport Street (part), Fenkle Street and Pottergate New Row. 
Councillor Castle said: “While compliance with 20mph limits is often difficult to achieve, and there are places where I would not agree to them, there is evidence that on the right roads they can modify driver behaviour for the better.  
The introduction of a temporary 20 mph zone will help to make Alnwick Town Centre more pedestrian friendly during the present pandemic and make it easier for shoppers and visitors to practicsocial distancing, which often sees pedestrians trying to share road space with vehicles.  
I hope that this will improve the experience for pedestrians and cyclists and that responsible drivers will support the scheme.   
Lynda Wearn, Mayor of Alnwick, said: "This is very good news for the town.   
“For some time now we have been working with Northumberland County Council to ensure our town centre is as accessible and safe as it can be during this pandemic.  
“The new speed limits will provide additional safety for pedestrians, ensuring Alnwick continues to be a popular destination for residents and visitors alike." 
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