Image demonstrating Mamas Core Stability class will start online for new mams  

Mamas Core Stability class will start online for new mams  

Active Northumberland is about to start a new online exercise class to help new mums regain strength, stability and confidence in exercise.. 
The mamas core stability class is part of the Mams on the Move  initiative which aims to help support women to build low cost activity into their existing routine, at times convenient to them  
The class will be delivered by Zoom so new mums can take part from the convenience of their own home – with or without their baby!  
It will run every Saturday for 6 weeks between 3 October – 7 November and be delivered by Rachel Rafiefar, Antenatal Educator and Chair of the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Teachers.  
Active Northumberland Wellbeing Coordinator Jemma Burt explains:  
“ Being a new mam can be daunting at the very best of times but the coronavirus pandemic has meant that many are feeling isolated as they have not been able to get out and about as much, during and after their pregnancy, or have the usual support network of friends and family to visit.  

“This online class is delivered by a very experienced instructor and works on regaining core stability and strengthening pelvic floor muscles. It is suitable for all postnatal women especially if anyone has a diastasis recti – abdominal separation common in pre and postnatal women.  
“If you are able to join us please do. We’ve a great community of friendly mams who are all in a similar situation and so they get great strength and support from each other.”  
The course costs £20 for 6 weeks. To book and receive your zoom link, email Jemma Burt at:  
For further information about Mams on the Move GO TO  
To join our friendly community of mams please join our Mams on the Move Facebook Group  
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