Image demonstrating Feel Good At Home campaign introduced for new mothers

Feel Good At Home campaign introduced for new mothers

Active Northumberland has been streaming a range of online activities to help new mums throughout lockdown and is inviting others to join in and take part.

The activities and practical advice and support aims to help mums to improve both their physical and mental health which can be challenged during these difficult times.

Online activities include 10 minute fitness classes, ideas to keep the kids entertained and educational advice around the importance of play.

Active Northumberland has also partnered up with some external companies to provide beauty and nutritional tips as well as advice on how to look after our mental health during these difficult times.

The campaign called Feel Good At Home,  is part of the successful Mams on the Move initiative which involves a series of fun, low cost, indoor and outdoor exercise classes for new mums and their babies. It is aimed at both antenatal and postnatal mothers.

Northumberland County Councillor Cath Homer,  cabinet member with responsibility for leisure said:

“ We are all having to find new ways of working and different ways of providing important services. This is a great example of how we are continuing to provide a network of friendship, support, advice and laughter for our new mothers  to help them to cope through the pandemic which is a worrying and uncertain time. ”

Wellbeing Coordinator Jemma Burt explains:

“ Being a new mum can be daunting at the very best of times.   We know how hard it is at the moment for mams to stay in the house, juggling working at home, looking after the kids and keeping them entertained, the pressure to eat healthily and just generally trying to keep it all together.

“ Due to the coronavirus pandemic we’ve been unable to deliver our normal programme of Mams on the Move classes but through this initiative we are still supporting our mams at home during these difficult times.

“ We’ve a great  community of friendly mams who are all in a similar situation and so they get great strength and comfort from each other.”
If you are a new mum and want to join our friendly group please contact Jemma Burt on 01670 622178 or email  You are also welcome to join the ‘Mams on the Move’ Facebook Group where you can take part in our feel good at home activities for you and your little one. 
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