Councillors and staff on Lady's Walk in Morpeth

Work complete on Morpeth walkway scheme

Work is now complete repairing a Morpeth walkway damaged by a landslip in 2018.

The complex engineering operation to repair a section of the river wall and Lady’s Walk footpath involved the installation of a buried steel wall to stabilise the land and the construction of a new 35 metre retaining wall along the river. 

The work was carried out in a sensitive river environment and white clawed crayfish, which are a protected species found in the River Wansbeck, had to be carefully removed from the working area - closely monitored by the Environment Agency.

Access and ground conditions also made this a very difficult repair to carry out and specialist machinery had to be used to stabilise the land. 

The workspace for this large equipment was very confined and the works had to be carefully planned to ensure the repair could be successfully completed without causing more damage to the river wall or nearby houses  - while minimising effects on the environment. 

Northumberland County Councillor Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for Environment and Local Services said: “We know this stretch of footpath is popular with the local community and we had to reinstate it, but it was an extremely technical and complex job. 

“The landslip also bordered people’s homes and we have worked very closely with local residents to ensure the works minimised any issues for them. The support and cooperation of local residents during these works has been much appreciated.

Morpeth North Councillor David Bawn added: “We’re delighted this scheme is now complete and the walk can be enjoyed by residents and visitors again. It also means this stretch is strengthened for many years to come.”
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