Councillors with new Felton Bridge in the background

Felton Bridge work nears completion

Work to repair nearly a 100-year-old bridge in Northumberland is almost complete.

Felton Bridge, on the boundary of Thirston and Felton, was built in 1927 at a cost of £12,000, with the aim of relieving traffic on the historic stone bridge.

Accident damage, and constant attack by the elements over the last 93  years have taken their toll on the parapets and the council agreed to a £400,000 repair scheme to restore them.

Works got underway in May 2019, focused on the parapets, which were repaired by a contractor who specialises in conservation metal work. 

The parapet works are now complete, leaving just the outside elevations of the bridge to be repaired and the crash barrier repainted.

Councillor Glen Sanderson, Cabinet Member for Environment and Local Services, said: “We’re very pleased this work is now nearing completion and I want to thank local communities for their patience and understanding over the past year.

“This has been a major engineering scheme funded through our annual Local Transport Plan and it was vital the work was done as it’s a key route connecting communities.”

Shilbottle Councillor Trevor Thorne, whose ward includes Felton, added: “I know this work has been warmly welcomed by residents and it should stand the bridge in good stead for many years to come.”
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