A drawing of a safety camera

Residents reminded about safer driving

Residents are being reminded to check their speed when driving through the county.

It comes after a Northumbria Police Mobile Camera Enforcement van on the B6318 at Harlow Hill detected over 100 speeding vehicles since it started operating there in April 2019.

Analysis of the data showed that during the police’s 16 visits more than half of those detected (60) were local residents. No HGVs were found to be speeding.

Police stepped up their visits to the site following a request from the council and local residents for a greater presence following a recent crash.

Ponteland West County Councillor Veronica Jones, said: “I’ve been working with council officers to improve road safety in the area and I am pleased that the police have stepped up use of the mobile enforcement van in Harlow Hill.

“One speeding motorist is one too many though and I’d urge all drivers to obey the speed limits which are there for good reason.”

Councillor Glen Sanderson, Cabinet Member for Environment and Local Services, added: “This is a rural road with quite a high volume of traffic, including many heavy goods vehicles passing through.

“However it’s interesting to note that while there is sometimes a perception it’s HGVs speeding through villages, the reality is it’s often private motorists and in many cases local residents who are driving too fast."
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