Tree planting taking place in Berwick

Berwick tree planting scheme

A tree planting scheme has taken place in Berwick as the county works to become cleaner and greener.

After the county council declared a climate emergency and action plan, everyone is being encouraged to play their part in cutting emissions.

The council has already committed to spending more than £10m on renewable energy projects – including ground source heat pumps, solar panels and the development of a hydro-electricity project in the county.

On a more day-to-day level, over the next five years, the council will be offering every household in Northumberland a free sapling tree to help offset carbon emissions.

Berwick North County Councillor Catherine Seymour explained: "I’ve been working with officers on planting trees on county land to complement our Climate Change Action Plan for capturing carbon and emissions and to enhance the town.

“The first phase of five large trees planting has taken place on North Road opposite Morrisons at the entrance into our town.  This is the first area to be done and we have identified other areas for possible planting to include an additional row of trees and a potential orchard close by.  

“I’ve also been in discussions with a volunteer group who want to plant trees in Berwick on county land and have been given permission to do so.

“I am delighted to contribute from my members small schemes to fund this first phase of tree planting to benefit the community. If anyone is interested in an area for planting trees in the town I would ask them to get in touch with me."
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