Image demonstrating Council encourages healthy drinking habits during lockdown

Council encourages healthy drinking habits during lockdown

It’s a stressful and worrying time for everyone right now which means that when it comes to alcohol, people’s habits around drinking are changing.

Northumberland County Council is promoting alcohol awareness and healthy drinking habits across the county, which is ever more important during these unprecedented times. 

The latest research from Balance states that in the North East, one in three people are drinking less – but one in four are drinking more.

Balance has found that more than one quarter of North East adults (26%) who drink alcohol are drinking more often since the lockdown began on 23 March. But more than one in three (37%) have reduced how often they drink or stopped drinking altogether. 

The council is acting on this recent research, encouraging people to stay within the Chief Medical Officer’s low risk drinking limits of no more than 14 units and to try at least two alcohol free days a week to protect both their physical and mental health. 
Councillor Veronica Jones, cabinet member for adult wellbeing and health said: 
“During these worrying times, it’s completely natural that people are looking for ways to feel better and cope with the changes to their daily lives. However, some of these coping methods can be unhealthy and lead to habits forming that can affect us long-term.
“The council is recommending residents to think about healthier habits when it comes to drinking such as not stockpiling and setting aside alcohol until as late in the evening as possible.”

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