Anti-litter message on the back of a bus

Buses drive home litter message

Buses travelling round the county are driving home an anti-litter message this autumn.

Around 40 buses covering routes across Northumberland are carrying advertising panels promoting the County Council’s roadside litter campaign which is encouraging people not to drop litter and be proud of their county.

Litter and rubbish which is either dropped in the street or thrown from vehicles costs the council around £2.6million each year.

The posters, which celebrate Northumberland’s fantastic coast and countryside, are urging people to take pride in their county. The artwork will also be seen soon on the council’s fleet of refuse wagons.

As well as showcasing the work of “litter heroes”, individuals and community groups who help keep their neighbourhoods clean, the council will continue to take enforcement action where they have evidence of littering. So far this year almost 100 people have been fined or prosecuted for dropping litter.

Coun Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for Environment and Local Services, said: “People  that throw litter from their vehicles damage the look of our beautiful county and cost the council millions of pounds each year. 

“This is just plain wrong and hopefully these adverts on the back of buses that travel across Northumberland may make the few that cause the problem think twice. Where we catch people littering we will take strong action.”
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