Image demonstrating Two convicted after abusing council staff

Two convicted after abusing council staff

The county council and Northumbria Police will continue to take strong action against those who abuse their employees.

It follows two convictions in recent months against people who verbally abused and threatened the council’s Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs).

In both incidents the abuse took place on busy town streets in broad daylight, alarming both the staff themselves and nearby shoppers.

The first happened in Queen Street, Amble, when a man returned to find his wife’s illegally parked car had been given a ticket. He then proceeded to abuse and threaten the CEO.

On the second occasion a motorist who was again illegally parked and returned to his car in Stanley Terrace, Morpeth, threatened the CEO.

Both incidents were caught on the officer’s body-worn camera and the footage passed to police. On both occasions the men were convicted of using threatening or violent behaviour and fined.

A spokesman for Northumberland County Council said: “No-one should have to suffer any abuse while going about their lawful work and we will not tolerate the small minority who think it’s acceptable to threaten or swear at our staff.

“The evidence captured on our body cameras is enough to secure the convictions. Instead of having to pay a modest parking fine these two people have now had to pay substantial court fines and have criminal records which could have serious long-term effects on their future.

“In both these cases the support and assistance from Northumbria Police was excellent and reassuring.

“Hopefully these convictions will make the public think twice about threatening Civil Enforcement Officers while carrying out their duties.”

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: “No one should feel threatened whilst at work. Anyone experiencing incidents of this nature should always report them to police- everyone has the right to feel safe at work.”
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