Image demonstrating Northumberland celebrates its 2,000th Green Dog Walker

Northumberland celebrates its 2,000th Green Dog Walker


A scheme which encourages responsible dog ownership in Northumberland has signed up its 2,000th member.

Beverley Beers from Amble  committed to the scheme by filling out a Green Dog Walker pledge form online.

She and her Golden Labrador Jess regularly walk in and around the coastal town where she likes to support responsible dog ownership by always making sure that she cleans up after her dog.

The Green Dog Walkers scheme is a community-led programme to reduce dog fouling by promoting responsible dog ownership across the county.

Dog owners are encouraged to join by signing the Green Dog Walkers pledge. Those signing the pledge agree to always clean up after their dog and put the bag in a bin and to use a friendly approach to encourage other dog walkers to do the same.  

Those who sign up are sent a green dog walkers badge to wear when walking their dog to help draw attention to the scheme as well as distribute green doggy bags.

The council also provides a Green Dog Walkers support kit to local community groups and  individuals who want to get involved.

Councillor, Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for the environment and local services at Northumberland County Council presented Beverley with a hamper of dog-related gifts as a reward for being the 2,000th member of the scheme in the county.

Councillor Sanderson said: “Dog fouling is one of our top environmental priorities and one of the issues most commonly raised with us by residents.  

“Green Dog Walkers is intended to be a friendly and non-confrontational approach to changing attitudes to the problem of dog fouling.

“It compliments other council approaches across the county including issuing fines when irresponsible dog owners are caught allowing their dogs to foul without picking up after them and educational initiatives promoting responsible dog ownership.

"We are extremely grateful to Beverley and the other 1999 people who have signed up to the scheme for their efforts. ”

The council will be running a series of events across Northumberland this coming year to promote the Green Dog Walkers scheme. The next one is to be held at Cramlington Eastfield Playing Fields on Saturday 27th April 2019 from 10am -2pm
Those attending will be able to sign up to the scheme, get their dog microchipped for free, or have their existing  microchip checked.

If you are interested in becoming a Green Dog Walker, please email, or visit
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