Image demonstrating Eastlea Primary is recognised for its pupil progress

Eastlea Primary is recognised for its pupil progress

Eastlea in Cramlington has been ranked as a top primary school in a regional newspaper poll for its pupils progress from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.
Students at Eastlea Primary achieved above average progress scores last year for Key Stage 2 in reading and mathematics, and above average scores in writing. 
Pupils are expected to achieve scores of at least 100 in their Key Stage 2 SATs and at Eastlea the average grade awarded for reading was 108, for grammar, punctuation and spelling 110, and for maths 108. 
As a result, the school achieved progress scores of 4.3 for reading, 2.5 for writing and 4.2 for mathematics, recognising the improvement students achieved as they moved from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.
The results mean that 75 per cent of pupils achieved the expected standard across the three subjects, and 13 per cent were high achievers. 
Headteacher Emma Beeston said:  Headteacher Emma Beeston said:  “We are obviously absolutely delighted to have been ranked so highly in this poll for our pupil progress.  
“We know that the academic side of things is extremely important but also believe that it is the whole educational experience that makes us such a popular school.  We provide a wide range of opportunities both in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.  Our aim is to nurture and educate the whole child.”
Cramlington Eastfield councillor Christine Dunbar said:  “Many families from my ward attend Eastlea and I have had the honour of being adopted by the school as one it its councillors.
“I find the dedication of the teaching staff and everyone connected to the school to be outstanding, and it comes as no surprise to me that it has been highlighted for its Key Stage Two results last year.”
A spokesperson for Northumberland County Council added:  “We are seeing some fantastic results at Key Stages 1 and 2 at schools across Northumberland.  We are very proud of all of these achievements..
“We know that this school offers excellent all round support for children and many enrichment activities, and the children seem to very much enjoy their learning there.”
A number of primary and middle schools across Northumberland were highlighted in the poll for the quality of their pupil progress.
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