Image demonstrating Coco reunited with family after three day search

Coco reunited with family after three day search

Coco, a Chihuahua has been reunited with his very relieved owners when he was found down an open drain after he ran off after a rabbit while on a walk near Cramlington.

Steve Robson was walking nine year old Coco and his other two dogs through the fields opposite Willow Farm Pub in Cramlington on a Wednesday evening when Coco started to chase a rabbit and did not return. 

After an unsuccessful search the family reported the dog missing to Northumberland County Council. Animal Welfare Officer Gemma Fowle went out to meet the family at the area he was last seen which was a large expanse with uneven terrain, trees, brambles and rabbit holes.

Numerous searches of the area were carried out by a group of volunteers, including the use of heat seeking equipment to try and locate Coco, without success. Not to be deterred Gemma organised another search party with a team of volunteers on Saturday 29th June whilst Coco's owners made posters to erect in the area. 

Much to everyone’s relief Coco was found by one of the volunteers inside an uncovered manhole drain with a four foot drop. He was unharmed and very pleased to be back with his owners. 

Northumbrian Water are aware of the issue of the open drains and will be giving the matter their immediate attention.

Steve said:

 “It was a terrible feeling to lose Coco. At first we just thought he’d run off and would eventually turn up, but as the days went by and there was no sight or sound of him we were beginning to lose heart. It was really worrying.

“I can’t thank everyone enough for giving up their time to help and support us. There was a real community spirit to the searches which really helped us and thankfully this story has a happy ending.”
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