Image demonstrating Have your say on Hexham Market Place plans

Have your say on Hexham Market Place plans

Residents and businesses are being encouraged to find out more about proposed regeneration plans for Hexham Market Place at a drop-in event later this month.

The County Council and Hexham Town Council are working together to look at ways to improve Hexham Market Place.  

Following a number of engagement and design exercises over the past two years, which have aimed at involving local people in its redevelopment, the town council has come back with two final designs; Option one a ‘pedestrianised zone’ with the second design being an ‘enhanced streets’ option.

The first option would prevent most vehicle access between 10am and 4pm to create a pedestrian friendly space. The second option would keep all streets open to vehicles and retain some parking provision within the Market Place.

Both options aim to reduce the impact of vehicles travelling within the Market Place and make it a more friendly environment in keeping with its historical setting, although people needing to access Beales Yard and off-street premises in that area will still be able to drive through.

Details of the two options are already available in the library at the Queens Hall on Beaumont Street, while a drop in event will also be held in the Queens Hall on Saturday, February 23rd from 10am-3pm where residents can speak directly to council officer.

People will also be able to seek clarification on any misunderstandings they may have with the plans so they are able to vote in confidence for the option they prefer.

Thousands of flyers are also being delivered to all Hexham residents over the coming days to encourage as many people as possible to have their say before the consultation ends.

Trevor Cessford, County Councillor for Hexham Central with Acomb, said: “We want to encourage as many people as possible to get involved and have their say.

“While we want the Market Place to be revitalised we also want the people of Hexham to play a full part in what the end result looks like.

“The aim is to take this opportunity to make the most of this beautiful historic setting so that more people are attracted into the town centre to shop, visit and socialise and we think it is very important that the people of Hexham feel a degree of ownership with the proposed new development.

“With out-of-town and online shopping, now is the time to try to invest in the infrastructure at the heart of our town.”

The deadline for consultation is March 3. More information and an opportunity to have a say on the proposals are also available at  
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