Image demonstrating Council crackdown on dog fouling in Berwick

Council crackdown on dog fouling in Berwick

Northumberland County Council is having a crack down on dog fouling in the Berwick area following a number of complaints in recent months.

The authority has increased the number of  dog fouling enforcement patrols in the town and has recently issued two £100 fixed penalty notices to dog owners who failed to clean up after their dogs in a public area.

One fixed penalty was issued for an incident in the vicinity of Spittal Beach and the other for a dog fouling incident near Cocklawburn Beach.

Over the coming weeks and months council officers will continue to patrol the Berwick area and anyone witnessed failing to clean up after their dog will be issued with a £100 fixed penalty notice.

Councillor Glen Sanderson Cabinet member for Environment & Local Services said

“ Dog fouling is  unpleasant, unhealthy and  unnecessary and is caused by a small minority of irresponsible dogs owners who fail to clear up after their dogs in a public place.  

“Northumberland has a wonderful environment for residents and visitors to enjoy and we want to keep it that way. The council has a zero tolerance approach to dog fouling and common excuses for not cleaning up, such as running out of bags, or not seeing the dog foul, will not be accepted. ”

The Council is running a very successful Green Dog Walkers campaign to promote responsible dog walking. If any local dog owners would like to take part then more information can be found at

If anyone does have any information about offenders they can report it in complete confidence to Northumberland County Council on 0345 6006400.
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