Image demonstrating Bus campaign promotes Mams on the Move 

Bus campaign promotes Mams on the Move 

An Arriva bus advertising campaign has been launched by Active Northumberland to promote an initiative aimed at supporting new mothers to get and stay active. 

Active Northumberland is currently running a new and groundbreaking exercise project called Mams on the Move, which is breaking down the barriers that prevent new mums from taking part in exercise. Time, childcare and cost are the biggest barriers to participation, while family pressures mean women don’t prioritise activity for themselves. 

Studies have found that exercise has a positive effect on boosting mood in new mothers and the project also helps to support anyone at risk of postnatal depression. 

Active Northumberland is now hoping the bus advertising campaign will help to spread the word across the south east of the county and get more new mothers involved. 

Mams on the Move was launched last year with the help of £209,000 funding from Sport England. It aims to help support women in south east Northumberland to build low cost activity into their existing routine, at times convenient to them by breaking down the barriers that prevent them from taking exercise.

And there have been some great results, as Jemma Halliday, Wellbeing Co-ordinator with Active Northumberland explains: 

“ Our approach is to make exercise more accessible and bring low cost physical activity, designed to help women recover and regain fitness after pregnancy and childbirth, into existing settings which mothers already visit making it easier for them to take part - these include children’s centres and community venues. We also run buggy fit and buggy walk classes which enable mothers to bring along their babies in their pushchair to spend some time outdoors, to exercise without the need for childcare, and to meet other new mums. 

“ We’ve had some really positive feedback from the new mums who have taken part. They’ve told us that as well as the exercise, the social element has been crucial as it has enabled them to get out of the house, meet and talk to other mums and share their experiences about the highs and lows of early motherhood.”

Northumberland County Councillor, Cath Homer, cabinet member with responsibility for Leisure said:

“ Many women are unclear about the type and amount of exercise that is appropriate during and after pregnancy.  Active Northumberland has been working alongside other health professionals. Together they are providing postnatal women with the opportunities, advice and encouragement they may need to get active and promote the many benefits that physical activity can bring, including a positive change in mental health.” 

Georgia Graham is from Blyth and is just at the beginning of her Mams on the Move journey but is already amazed by the changes. 

“  My beautiful boy is 14 weeks old and perfect in every way. However creating this bundle of joy has had a massive effect on me physically and mentally. Joining Mams on the Move has given me my confidence back so quickly and I’ve dropped a few pounds along the way. I have so much more energy and look forward to each class. Meeting new mums who are going through similar struggles with their weight  reassured me I’m not the only one feeling this way. The coaches are amazing and push me to reach my goals! I couldn’t recommend mams on the move enough! It has given me my life back in so many ways.”

Michelle Hardy is also from Blyth and has also been attending the sessions. She said 

“ Mams on the move is perfect for me as I really struggle to exercise, mostly down to the fact I find the gym and exercise classes quite intimidating to be honest, I feel insecure about how I look, keeping up with others.

“ Mams on the move removes those barriers for me and allows me to exercise with other Mams in a more supportive environment.  It is also fantastic to be able to involve the babies as making time to leave the house alone to attend a class is hard. By bringing   my baby with me I can spend time with her and exercise at the same time.”

“ The classes are enjoyable, yet push me physically and have introduced me to some lovely Mams and their babies.”

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