Image demonstrating Ashington woman given suspended prison sentence for animal cruelty

Ashington woman given suspended prison sentence for animal cruelty

An Ashington woman who abandoned her rented home and left a puppy and kitten to die has been prosecuted by Northumberland County Council.

On Monday (21 May), the 23-year-old woman appeared before North Northumbria Magistrates sitting at Mid and South Northumberland Magistrates Court having pleaded guilty to five offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

She received a 14 week custodial sentence for each offence to run concurrently. This custodial sentence was suspended for 12 months.  She is also required to undertake 15 days rehabilitation activity with the probation service.

She was also disqualified from owning and keeping animals for 10 years, ordered to pay a total of £2,107 costs and £115 victim surcharge.

Members of Northumberland County Council’s animal welfare team were called to the property on 27 July, 2017 by a distressed housing officer who had entered the abandoned property and discovered the animals.

A deceased black puppy was found in a bedroom with the door closed and a black and white kitten was found dead in the living room, also with the door closed. Both were without food or water.  

The animals, both thought to be around 12 weeks old,  were taken to St Clair Veterinary Care, in Blyth where they were examined  by the Senior Veterinary Surgeon. He confirmed that both animals had experienced unnecessary suffering and neglect.

One of Northumberland County Council animal welfare officers involved in the case said:

“ This is the worst case I have been involved with. The animals had clearly been left to die of starvation and dehydration. It was a mindless act of animal cruelty. ”

Northumberland County Councillor Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for environment and local services said:

“ If you  make a commitment to own a pet, then you must be able to care for it responsibly.
Northumberland County Council will not tolerate any forms of animal neglect or cruelty and will pursue and prosecute offenders.

“ This is the second animal cruelty offence this woman  has committed. In November 2013 she was disqualified for owning or keeping any animals for five years. Yet in 2017, whilst still subject to that disqualification, she registered a kitten and a puppy with a local veterinary practice and went on to commit this second appalling and shocking act of cruelty.”

Last month a Blyth woman was given a suspended prison sentence for severely neglecting her two dogs and back in January a Cramlington woman was prosecuted for neglect of her dog.
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