Holocaust Memorial event to take place at County Hall

Northumberland County Council are hosting a Holocaust memorial event as part of National Holocaust Memorial Day to remember all those lost in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

The event to mark Holocaust Memorial Day is open to all and will take place on 25th January at 1pm in the Council Chamber at County Hall, Morpeth. 

The theme for this years Holocaust Memorial Day is ‘the power of words’ and the impact and difference words can make, both for good and evil, which will be explored through music, film, readings and testimonies. The event will begin with the lighting of the Holocaust memorial candle and will conclude with the rising of the Holocaust flag and a blessing from Rabbi Lipsey.

The ceremony will be hosted by the Northumberland Youth Cabinet and Parliament and will feature a film from Sele First School and a talk from the Young Equality Stars from Prudhoe Highfield Middle School.

Veronica Jones, Northumberland County Council cabinet member for Adult Well Being and Health, said: “It is important that we continue to remember these shocking moments in history and all those that have lost their lives through unjust hatred and persecution. 

“It is through remembering these events that we can learn from them and they serve as a continuous reminder that more needs to be done to recognise prejudice and raise awareness about how to stop it.”
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