Croft estate - Week of Action

All this week (Jan 29th - 2nd Feb) Northumberland County Council is working with Northumbria Police to support their Week of Action in the Croft estate, Blyth.

Throughout the week a number of events will be held to focus on crime prevention and public engagement.

Staff from a number of the council’s services, including housing, will be supporting the event which aims to tidy the area and encourage residents to take pride in their community.

There will also be an increased police presence during the week as the police execute warrants on problem addresses in the area. Litter picks, traffic and parking enforcement exercises and drop-in sessions will also be held, as well as visits to nurseries and pre-schools in the area.

On Friday residents are invited to the Community Church on Oxford Road to complete a survey about the Week of Action.

Ward councillor for the area, Kath Nisbet, said: “We are very happy to support the police’s Week of Action. Working together with a number of partners we hope to get the message across to people in the area that they need to take responsibility for keeping the area clean and tidy.

“If an area looks appealing it will hopefully encourage pride in the area and people will want to live there.”

Below is a full list of events happening as part of the week:

Tuesday 30th: 10.30 Traffic / Parking Enforcement with Partner Agencies in  the Croft Ward.
Wednesday 31st:10.30 Police to execute Warrants at selected addresses in Croft Ward.
Thursday 1st: Drop in session at the Community Church with Partner Agencies. memory board set up tp promote community engagement and spirit.
13.00 Visit to Kerries Cherubs on Croft Road to engage with the young children and mothers.  Facepainting and community engagement opportunity.
Friday 2nd: 10.30 Feedback session to invite residents to the Community Church to complete surveys offering feedback on the Week of Action.
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