Image demonstrating Five year ban for dog neglect woman

Five year ban for dog neglect woman

An Ashington woman who failed to seek medical attention for her dog has been prosecuted by Northumberland County Council.

South Northumberland Magistrates banned her from keeping any animal for five years and required her to pay a total of £386 in compensation and costs.

The woman admitted causing unnecessary suffering to her overweight Bull Mastiff by failing to seek medical attention for an ulcerated 20cm mass on its abdomen and a chronic eye condition.

An animal welfare officer from the council’s public health protection unit rescued the dog and took it to a vets in Blyth. Unfortunately the dog’s condition had by then become so bad that the decision was made to euthanise the dog to end its suffering.

A vets report that was presented in court stated that the dog having been left for more than 48 hours in a condition unable to stand or move prior to seeking medical attention was an act of neglect.

Speaking after the case, Councillor Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for the environment and local services at Northumberland County Council said: "The protection of animal welfare is an important responsibility of the council and we will bring to justice anyone we find who causes unnecessary suffering to an animal.”
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