Image demonstrating Top tips to keep your kids safe this Halloween

Top tips to keep your kids safe this Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for children, but trick-or-treating can become dangerous in a second. 

Keep your children safe this autumn with top tips from David Sayer, Business Compliance & Public Safety Unit Manager at Northumberland County Council and Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service.

  • Always check that children’s costumes carry the ‘CE’ mark
  • Read any instructions and safety information carefully
  • Don’t let children use naked flames - use LED lights instead of candles
  • Make sure the child’s costume doesn’t drag on the ground
  • Wear sturdy shoes for trick-or-treating
  • Use a torch when walking alongside roads at night
  • Make sure children can see through eyeholes in masks
  • Ensure toy weapons are soft and flexible

In the case of a costume catching fire, remember STOP, DROP and ROLL.

  1. Stop what you’re doing
  2. Get the child onto the ground
  3. Roll them until the fire is completely out
  4. Call emergency services for the help that you require

For more useful tips, watch our short safety video below.


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