Road safety scheme to be introduced at gateway to Morpeth

Plans to introduce a road safety scheme on the A192 approach to  Stobhill Manor in Morpeth have taken a major step forward.

The scheme aims to slow traffic as it enters this residential area by extending the 30mph speed zone;  introducing texture and road markings to  calm speeds and create a safer crossing zone at the bus stops at each side of the A192.

Northumberland County Council has now advertised a Traffic Order, a legal requirement before any work can commence,  and assuming there are no significant objections the work will start over the coming weeks.

In addition to the traffic calming measures,  a ‘Welcome to Morpeth’ sign  will  be introduced at the  entrance to the town.

Local ward councillor Ian Lindley has helped drive the scheme forward and assemble support and funding after listening to concerns from local residents.  He said:

“ The  A192 and the roundabout leading from it can become very busy and traffic flow will increase further when the new housing development is complete.

“ This screet scape work will improve the quality of life for residents in Stobhill Manor by creating a safer environment for pedestrians and bus users.

“ We are also hoping to introduce some flowerbeds to create  an attractive and welcoming entrance to the town and I have been talking  to Stobhill’s volunteer project Growing For Green to discuss how these will be maintained.”

The £12,000 scheme is being funded through the county council’s Local Transport  Plan  local safety scheme with a welcome contribution of £2,000 from Barratt Homes.

Northumberland County Councillor, Ian swithenbank, cabinet member with responsibility  for highways said:

 This  straight stretch of road from Hepscott does attract  motorists travelling at high speeds so the introduction on an extended 30mph zone will significantly improve road safety.

“ There will soon be more  children living in this area who will be walking to school and into town. By reducing the speed of vehicles it  will  greatly reduce the risk  of any potential accidents and make the area a safer place for everyone.”
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