Image demonstrating Noisy neighbour silenced by council

Noisy neighbour silenced by council

An Ashington man who made life a misery for nearby residents by playing music throughout the night has had all his sound equipment seized.

The nuisance neighbour had already ignored numerous warnings by Northumberland County Council’s Public Health Protection Unit - who had been contacted over noise levels over weekends and ongoing howling and barking from a dog at the flat.

The council initially installed a noise monitor to record levels in nearby properties before serving a noise abatement notice in June, barring him from playing loud music and ordering him to take action to stop his dog howling and barking.

However he did not change his behaviour so council officers, supported by Northumbria Police, executed a warrant at his property and seized all equipment capable of playing music - including a stereo, computer, flat screen TV and speakers.

The occupant now has 28 days to apply to get his items back but not before he  pays the costs of the seizure operation. If the goods are not reclaimed the County Council will seek to donate them to a local charity.

Councillor John Riddle the County Council's Cabinet member for Planning, Housing & Resilience said: " Combating anti-social behaviour in our communities is a priority for the Council.

“The action we’ve  taken shows that when necessary we will take decisive action against those who cause distress to neighbours through their irresponsible behaviour."
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