Cramlington man given three year dog ban

A Cramlington  man who  failed to seek medical attention for his dog has been prosecuted by Northumberland County Council.

On Monday (April 24), South Northumberland magistrates  banned him from keeping dogs for three years,  and ordered him to carry out  70 hours of unpaid community work and pay a total of £1,199, in compensation and costs.

The man admitted causing unnecessary suffering to his West Highland Terrier  by failing to seek medical attention for her bacterial  eye and skin condition.

The dog was picked up as a stray by Northumberland County Council’s animal welfare officer who took her to the local vets.

A vet report that was presented in court stated that both the dog’s eyes were heavily matted due to bacterial conjunctivitis and a dry eye condition which significantly reduced her vision. She was also suffering from a bacterial skin infection and large flea infestation.

The council’s welfare officer also found the owner had failed to keep a follow up appointment at the PDSA centre in Newcastle where he had taken the dog.

A spokesperson for Northumberland County Council said:

“ We hope that this  sentence serves as a warning to others. If you  make a commitment to own a pet, then you must be able to care for it responsibly.

“The dog had a series of health ailments which could have easily been been avoided if the owner had sought veterinary treatment.

"The dog was taken to SHAK ( Safe Homes and Kindness) where they organised for her to go to a foster home."

Jess ( pictured recently ) is now receiving proper treatment for her condition and is making a good recovery in foster care.
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