A century of bridge repair work

A three year scheme to repair  bridges  across Northumberland has reached a major milestone with the completion of repairs to the 100th  bridge.

The £6.7 m county-wide scheme  involves  remedial work  to  improve the condition of 130 masonry arch bridges,  prevent water damage and  stop  the escalation  of more costly  repair problems in the future.

It is being  funded nationally following a successful bid by Northumberland County Council to cover the cost of the repair work.  The authority has also contributed just over £1m towards the scheme.

The bridge repair  work is  being carried out  predominantly in the  rural areas  in the north and west of the county.

Alnwick Lion Bridge, Burradon Lake Bridge, Cragside, Wallington Bridge, Simonburn Bridge, Pauperhaugh Bridge and Bellingham Tyne Bridge are just some of the structures that have recently undergone masonry repairs and repointing work.

The three year scheme started in 2015 and with only 30 bridges remaining the authority is on target to complete the scheme by the end of this year.

Simon Rudman, Technical Services Design Manager  at Northumberland County Council has been leading on the project. He said:

“In Northumberland you are never far from a bridge. The vast, rural nature  of the county means we  have a higher number of very old masonry arch bridges which have an average age of 170 years.

“ The funding we received for this project has enabled us to take action now to carry out repair work and resolve any issues at an early stage.

Our focus has been  to minimise the disruption to the travelling public as much as we can while working to complete the job as quickly as we can.”

By taking action now the authority has saved an  estimated £60 million bill that would have arisen with longer term repair  reconstruction costs.
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